Abuse in the Church 

Although I have much against the Church, which I consider to be teaching a different message to what Jesus taught, and is carrying a different cross, there are Truths that need to be said about the Satanic child abuse that has been inflicted by priests.

It must be realised that no-one with even an ounce of faith in God, would commit such terrible acts and neither would anyone with an ounce of Love and Truth. Therefore it is apparent that the priests concerned were Atheists who had infiltrated the Church as imposters. There is no doubt that there are many imposters still in the Church. It is without doubt, riddled with antichrists, even amongst its congregation. It has been this way since the time of Constantine.

I pray for those whose lives have been devastated. You are loved by the Father, you are the sheep taken by wolves, but you are found. Forgive and be healed, Love yourself as you are loved by all who are loving. Let the light in your mind wash away the darkness. Your life has just begun. Bless you. I pray for the loving souls that have been led away from the Father and the real Jesus Christ. For those who have been led away from Love and Truth like lambs to the slaughter. Those who have Love do not conceal evil, or protect those who do it.

The Church has become weak and desperate, and it is as usual, putting the needs of its administrators before the needs and spiritual wellbeing of its followers. What will it do now that it can no longer enforce its authority through murder and torture?

What would Jesus say? He took back the Father from the false teachers, and now Jesus must be taken back from the false Church. You should have no doubt that the Father will reign down the fire of Love and Truth on all false religions.

If they could hear the voice of God they would hear: 'Set my people free'.

I tell you in Truth, that the Christ is here already, and those who seek will find.