Ancient Secrets

I believe that most of mankind, if given a choice, would prefer a different way of life, one where they don’t have to live in conflict and competition with each other; one where those with Love and Truth have no fear of being taken advantage of; one where there is no reason to create false images of themselves; one where they do not hide from each other.

The keys to ancient knowledge have been preserved in the symbols of secret societies. Only a few know the full meanings of the symbols, though the truth was always hidden in full view. Take the pentagram for instance:

Secrets of the Pentagram

The pentagram is a representation of the ALL in all of its forms. It represents the ALPHA and the OMEGA, which is the BEGINNING and the END.

The END is the same as the BEGINNING.

Everything that exists is within, and a part, of the ALL.

The ALL therefore is the SOURCE. It is the base substance from which everything, everywhere is composed of. This is the true meaning of everything being a part of the ONE.

The ALL is infinite, there is nowhere that the ALL does not exist, and there is nowhere outside of it.

There is nothing in this material realm, or in the spiritual realm, that is not a part of the ALL. Even thoughts and feelings are a part of the ALL.

If you take a look at the pentagram, you will notice that it points are numbered and follow a progression.

1. At first there was only the Source, the ALL in its single form or state.
2. Then Awareness formed. This first awareness is known as the Father.
3. When awareness realised that it existed, the first thought, ‘I AM’ was created and the place that it was created in, was outside of the Father. We refer to that place as Mind. The first mind is known as Heaven, the Father’s domain.
4. Within, but separated from the first mind, the Father created a Space that we call the Universe. At that time, it was empty of form, containing only the Source in its original state. From this, the father created the Material Realm, which is of a different nature to the Father or the Father's mind (Heaven), and so the Spiritual and Material Realms were separated, and remain so.
5. Then the Father created Matter within that space, and from it all material/physical forms were made. All things of this nature eventually revert back to their root because they are of a different nature to the spiritual which created them. Eventually all things in the material realm will dissolve back to the root from which they were constructed.

From what I have revealed so far, the difference between the Spiritual Realm and the Material Realm should be realized.

All things are connected by reason of them being a part of the ALL and within the ALL, but they remain separate due to their individual forms.

One form can interact with another, but it cannot merge with another. For example: Though an ice-burg and the sea are made of the same substance, you cannot melt an ice-burg back into the sea without the ice-burg losing its form. Both remain separate due to their forms, yet they are a part of the water.

The spiritual forms cannot merge with the material forms, yet they can interact and affect each other.

The Self can only interact with the mind and through this interaction, interact with the world.

The Self affects the Mind; the Mind affects the brain, which controls the physical body to affect the world. Now reverse this sequence, i.e. world - body -brain -mind - Self, and you have the two way interaction.

You must remember your separateness and individuality, as well as your connectedness with the ALL.

We are the children of the Father who were once a part of the Father. Likewise our minds were once a part of the Fathers.

The Father is Self begotten of the ALL, because the Father is the first form that the ALL took. We are begotten of the Father by the Father’s will and the sacrifice of part of himself. We are like the seeds sent forth by a flower.

The Pentagram is the symbol of the Truth, the Truth that was hidden by Fallen Angels so that they could take the place of God on earth, and rule for their own pleasure by convincing mankind that there is only the material realm and one life.

Jesus was in harmony with the Father, and he knew these secrets and that is why he said:

"It is I who am the light which is above them all. It is I who am the all. From me did the all come forth, and unto me did the all extend. Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." Gospel of Thomas; Logion 77.

The light is of course, consciousness. In the above context, it is the Christ consciousness. It is the Self and Mind that has ascended to its greatest potential.

The ALL came forth from Jesus because he revealed it.

The ALL was extended to Jesus because he gained the power to rule over it.

In the last part of the logion, Jesus was proclaiming that he is the ALL, as in being a part of the whole that is the ALL.

Everything that exists is the ALL in one form or another.

Hiding the Secret Knowledge

The oldest public record of the use of a pentagram dates back to 3000bc where it is found in Mesopotamian writings. Since then, it has been used by many religious and faith organisations, some of which may surprise you, for instance:

Pythagoreans, Christians, Mormons, Wiccans and Freemasons, to name just a few. The pentagram has been used as a symbol of both good and evil. It is said to represent evil when it is inverted, it then represents the head of a goat, also when inverted it represents the material as being over the spiritual, thus making man and the material dominant over the spiritual.

The goat represents the Devil which is wrongful desire. The Devil in a person is their wrongful desire. Such desires are influenced by the Satan consciousness within.

At present, the Devil (wrongful desire) has dominion over the world.

Let me show you how the information in the pentagram was hidden, while still preserving it.

If you take the natural progression of events as revealed in the Pentagram i.e. Source – Awareness – Mind – Space – Material, and while retaining the natural progression, create a different symbol you will arrive at the the following:

The Spiritual is still separated from the Material (pyramid above and pyramid below) but the Material now reverts back into the Mind instead of the Source.

This has led to the misconception that the Material Realm is created by the Mind.

Other misconceptions are that Awareness and Mind come into being because of the physical/material. As you can see the natural progression is retained while the Truth is hidden.

We now have 2 separate realities and a divided mind, one that can be drawn either way.

To further confuse the mind of those to be controlled, all that was needed was to superimpose the 2 realities.

So that the line between the 2 realms becomes lost. The most that a soul can do under such circumstances, is to try and search for the true nature of its being. Some are called by the Spirit, while others are seduced by the World.

Who then has any power but those with an undivided mind, belonging to a soul that believes completely it is a physical being or that it is a spiritual being? It has been all too easy to confuse and enslave the minds of man in the absence of Truth.

And so there are 3 types of consciousness:

  • The Christ consciousness filled with the Light of Love and Truth.
  • The Satan consciousness filled with the darkness of selfishness and lies.
  • The uncertain consciousness filled with confusion and denied the Truth that will set them free. Some leaning towards the spiritual with hope; some leaning towards the material because they have been blinded to the spiritual.

Yet even in this confusion one can find salvation in Love, a thing that the Fallen Angels and those they have blinded, have nothing of.

To Rule the World

If you became enlightened and realised that you were immortal, and then found the most powerful knowledge that made you as a god, what would you do with it? If you decided to turn against your Creator and rule the world, how would you go about it? The fallen angels knew, they had a plan, a plan that has almost been completed.

Imagine being a fallen angel in those ancient days, many would have believed in a higher spiritual being; one who was the Creator of all things. Now you cannot be seen as the highest authority if there is a higher authority than your own. As long as people believed in a separate spiritual reality, then total control and obedience would be unachievable by the Fallen Angels.

The only way to take the power of authority away from a competitor is to take away his followers, to lead them a different way. God was at a disadvantage because He had given mankind free will and to maintain that free will, God could not interfere with that free will. The minds of ordinary people were never a match for the minds of the Fallen Angels.

The Fallen Angels knew that it would take a long time to wipe God from the minds of mankind, but what is time to an immortal Fallen Angel? An immortal that must continue to reincarnate, because when heavens gates are closed to it, there is nowhere else it can go but back into the world.

The world is now being lead into hating and ridiculing religion, and on this path there will soon be a clash and a collapse of religion. It is happening because the Fallen Angels no longer have a need to infiltrate and control people through it.

There are three main religions in the world today, two of them are centred in Israel (Judaism and Christianity) and the other is Islam. All three are waiting for Armageddon and a saviour. A confrontation of immense proportions is building up. Both sides are being isolated and left to fight it out between themselves. When the war is over, it will be seen that no heavenly saviour came to stand on the side of one or the other. The world will then see the end result of organised religion and it will lose faith and turn away. All that will be left for mankind to believe in, after the clash of religions, is the physical/material. It would be a world of Atheists, ruled by those who have already taken the highest seats of power on earth. Man will feel he is alone. No-one on earth chooses or knows, the day nor the hour that God acts, but be assured, God has plans too and they are in motion even now.

A lie cannot be paired with a Truth without weakening both in the minds of man, and there have been many lies paired with Truths, to lead man away from finding the true nature of his being and his destiny.

The great plan i.e. the Fallen Angels plan, of complete world domination, is for one pyramid of reality, ruled over by one Fallen Angel. To complete the pyramid, only the mind of man needs to be worked upon, until mankind believes that they are as the rest of the blocks, a part of the physical/material.

The great plan? A world full of Atheists ruled by a Fallen Angel; a new world order and a new religion; materiality. You can find the symbols of the Fallen Angels in many places.


He approves our undertakings (He, being a Fallen Angel)


To create a new order of the ages (one that replaces God’s order)


Out of the many, one (one who is the leader of the Anti Christs, a Fallen Angel)

Notice the olive branch of peace and the arrows of war. Also the eagle is the unseen predator that strikes from above.

Notice also the Pentagram/Star of David/the superimposed pyramids at the top of the symbol, and that the stars block out the sun. The outer circle represents Heaven that is being shaken. Did you know that stars represent Angels? The stars in the symbol represent Fallen Angels.

These are the symbols of world domination.

The USA is being made to be the seat of the Supreme Anti Christ, a Fallen Angel, whom the world has yet to see, and who seeks domination of the world and every soul in it.

How long will Love and Truth have to endure the silence of the lambs?

  In which God will you trust?

Love and peace is better than war and peace.

Be glad then that the Spirit is in the world.