A Warning to Mankind

If you think that things are pretty bad in the world now, then wait until you see what is coming.

If you want to rule a world, then you must plan to rule over every individual person completely. You must leave them with no choice other than to comply with your will. Each individual must be isolated and made totally dependent on you, and above all, they must fear and love you, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome

Is it possible that certain individuals are at this very moment, engaged in a plan to completely dominate and control the rest of mankind? I tell you in Truth that it is, and that their plan is in its final stages. Eventually they will convince the rest of mankind that they alone own the world and everything that is in it, including your life and any children that you are permitted to have. They will in effect, control every aspect of yours and everyone else's life.

How much of your life do they control now? Or haven't you noticed yet?

The problem with most of mankind is that they either cannot see the road they are being taken down, or they are too afraid to look. In Truth all who walk the same road end up at the same destination.

So what are the plans of those who seek world domination? And is there any evidence that these plans are in progress?

There are 6 things that we must consider if you are unsure where mankind is heading and these are:

1.     Laws

2.     Ownership

3.     Wealth

4.     Nationalism

5.     Sovereignty

6.     Religion

1.     Laws

Laws are instruments of control, and so the more laws there are, the more control you have over the people. Laws take away freedom of choice. It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree with a law, the end result is the same, either comply with the law or be punished. Whether a law is just and right or not, becomes irrelevant, because once a law is made, it has to be complied with.

If enough laws can be created and enforced, then every aspect of people's lives will fall under the control of the few, who create and enforce the laws.

Unfortunately the power to make and enforce laws has fallen into the hands of those who see such power as a means to dominate the rest of mankind, and those elected to serve, have instead become masters with their own agenda.

Have you noticed how many laws are being created? Have you realized why?

Laws are being churned out at an ever increasing rate, many by those who are arrogant and self-serving, many are made by unelected power grabbers, and many are made in secret behind closed doors, thereby ignoring democracy altogether. It is also quite apparent that those who make the laws do not always comply with them, but then who is there to enforce the law on the enforcers?

'Give me the power to create and enforce laws and I care not for those who think they control the rest' (The Elite).

Those who have the power to create laws, also have the power to change or abolish laws. Therefore, they have the power to take away established rights. Can you see where this is happing?

If a law is not made based on the love for one another, then it must be by definition, a law made by the selfish, and therefore should be treated as such.

Those who enforce unjust laws are as bad, if not worse, than those who make them, for they are enforcers of tyranny. If you have not noticed the bonds of servitude tightening, then now is the time to realize, while there is still time to free yourself.

2.     Ownership

To rule a world you must first take ownership of it, and all that is in it.

To own something is to have complete authority over it, and that authority must be recognized in law. (Who makes the laws?)

If you control a man then you control all that he is in possession of, and all that he has authority over.

How much do you think you own? How much do you think you have complete authority over? How much can you really call your own?

I tell you in Truth that there is not even one square inch of land in this world, that one government or another does not have complete and ultimate authority over in law. That includes any land that you have property on, or the deeds to. If the government or the state (which is controlled by the government) wants your land, then there is nothing that you can do that is lawful to stop them.

The children that you brought into the world are now deemed to be the property of the government, who have claimed ultimate authority over them by laws they have created.

Governments will soon (by the laws they create) be able to take from you, anything and everything that you have. When the freedom of speech and the right to assemble have been taken, the way back will have been closed.

How much have you lost already?

Ownership is power, how much has slipped away in the night? Freedom is like water that a man carries in a bucket with a small hole in. He does not realize that there is a hole, or that it is getting bigger. When he reaches his destination, he has nothing to drink or give his family and they all die of thirst.

When all freedom has been surrendered, a man will not even own himself or his mind.

3.     Wealth

Money is power, and so those who have the ability to gather money also have the ability to gain power.

If you want to dominate a world, then you must take away any power that gives the individual the ability to gather money. This of course means taking complete control of the world economy. In effect, you have to make everyone else poor. In doing so, you make them dependent on you. So how can this be done?

First you tax them in every way you can devise. Then you squander away the taxes you have collected on anything that you can think of that will not see its return. Wars and conflict are always good for this, because they deplete the country's wealth and put it in the hands of arms dealers. You can of course spend some of the money on projects that will help you in your quest for world domination.

If you took the time to add up all the taxes you pay in one form or another, you may come to the conclusion that you are being ripped off, and you are not as wealthy as you thought you were.

Another front of attack is the destruction of a country's economy. This is done by depriving it of its natural resources, and by replacing its manufacturing industries with service industries. Of course, this throws many out of work and makes them dependent on money given to them by the government, which eats into the taxes collected.

The role of the banks should by now be quite clear. They are there to finally bring down the economy completely and make everyone poor. I tell you in Truth that people will wake up one day, and any money that they had in the bank will be gone. So much false money has been created by banks that the deceit is fast reaching the point of unsustainability. Banks have been lending money that doesn't actually exist, other than in the form of digits typed into a computer. When a loan is not paid, it is collected back in the form of real property.

It's incredible when a bank goes bust it is bailed out with tax-payers money, until it goes bust again. Each time the wealth of a country is sucked into oblivion, making them poorer and poorer, eventually making the people dependant and powerless.

Do you see what is happening? Do you see what is coming?

4.     Nationalism

You cannot dominate a world divided into individual nations, because individuals identify themselves with their nation. They see themselves as citizens of their nation, it is their true home for which they would fight and die for, protecting. Their instincts are both tribal and territorial. Even when there is infighting, each side still considers themselves as citizens of their nation, and in the event of an outside threat of domination by another nation, both sides would defend their nation.

The only possible course of action, for those who would dominate the world, is to destroy nationalism. That is to say, make it more preferable for people to see themselves as citizens of the world, rather than citizens of a nation.

First of all you have to dilute the meaning of being a citizen of a nation, in other words, make the term meaningless and worthless.

The best way to do this is to allow a nation to be flooded by immigrants from other nations, who in their hearts, have no allegiance to your nation, and only seek its wealth, or to colonize it from within and make it their own. You then label them as citizens, thereby dissolving the true meaning of being called a citizen, even for those who have adopted the nation as their own, and to which they feel true allegiance.

By allowing this, governments also put themselves in the position of being able to set the people against each other, as was done many times in the past. The end result is always, less people and more laws, (power to the Elite).

At the same time, the elite are attempting to bring all nations under one authority and one set of laws (NATO). It started with the most powerful nations, and eventually it will leave the other nations no choice except to join them. The leaders of nations that don't comply are of course, removed from their positions of power, and replaced with those who will.

The end result will be all nations under one authority. It is then that nationalism will be done away with completely, and replaced with a one world government, to which all will be citizens.

This may not sound a bad idea, because it will end all wars, but it will end in poverty, slavery, the complete loss of freedom, and the culling of mankind. All of these things have already begun, and those who have dared to look have already seen its progress.

5.     Sovereignty

I would describe sovereignty as the absolute right of the people of a country to self-rule, and to decide its laws, its monetary system, and the way it uses its resources. Add to this the right to have and protect its own culture and identity. Put simply, sovereignty amounts to ownership and control.

Without sovereignty there can be no democracy because any elected leaders would be subservient to influence from outside the country, rather than to the people, therefore taking away all of the citizen's rights.

Can you see this happening anywhere?

If you want to rule a world, then the sovereignty of every country must be removed. In Europe alone, almost every country has given up its sovereignty already.

Every country that has had its leaders replaced by those who are under the control of outside forces, have already lost its sovereignty.

All countries will eventually lose their sovereignty to the UN which will make and enforce all laws, and control all of the world's resources. United Nations should be renamed, Conquered Nations.

Democracy is an illusion that hides tyranny.

There are now no governments of the people, by the people, for the people, rather they are, of the people chosen by the Elite, by the elite, for the Elite.

'Give me the power of psychology, and I will conquer the world without firing a single bullet' (The Elite).

6.     Religion

There is no doubt that the Elite will not be able to achieve their goal of world domination and the complete control of everyone's life, because religion stands in their way, right? Well that is not exactly true, in fact religion has become not much of a problem to dispose of.

If you take a close look at the religions whose roots are said to be in the Bible, there can be no doubt that they are based on 'materialism', that is to say, a God with a physical body like mans, living in a place that is of the same nature as the world and the Universe, in other words, bigger and better versions of physical man and the material world. Now if people are blinded to the spiritual, and can be led to only believe in the physical/material as the only form of reality, then the problem of religion becomes much simpler to deal with.

Judaism lost its spiritual teachings and became a materialistic religion, because its teachers sought wealth and power in the world. Jesus came to re-establish spiritual teachings, but both he and his teachings were soon disposed of, and replaced with materialistic versions. Islam came later and there can be no doubt that it too is a religion based on the physical/material. This of course makes these religions, and indeed the Self (which followers of such religions believe is the physical body), subject to the laws and science of the physical/material. The same applies to their gods and their gods abode.

Through the use of science based only on the physical/material, it will eventually prove that such gods cannot possibly exist, and religion will collapse. Those who cling to their religious beliefs will be labelled as having a mental disorder.

But there is much more going on than this.

The only defence against fear is hope. If you can create both fear in a person, and at the same time offer them hope, then you have control of that person's life, because they become dependent on and grateful to you. This is a tactic used by the materialistically minded, and self-serving religious authorities, governments and tyrants throughout mankind's history. Truly spiritually awakened people seek no such advantage.

Another tactic of the Elite is to set people against each other, while appearing not to be the one to blame. This has many advantages for the Elite. First of all, it disposes of any opposition that is not under your control. It also reduces the population, and it allows you to make new laws of control by the request of the people, and of course, it makes you look like a protector and a hero. So the tactic here is, create a problem without being seen to be the one to blame for it, observe the reactions of those affected then offer the solution.

Yet another tactic is to take more power in small steps, so that people barely notice until it is too late for them to do anything about it. Religion has definitely been under attack in this way for a very long time, as laws are brought in to suppress it.

If you look at the big picture of what is happening in the world today, you will see that followers of various religions are being set against each other as never before. Christianity is the first target for the Elite, mainly because they are the most passive and least violent in the defence of their religion. Their teachings are being banned at an alarming rate, even in western countries.

Islam has become very useful to the Elite in the quest to end established religion, and Muslims are next on the target list.

It may seem strange that Muslims have been allowed to flood into western countries, where they have been treated more favourably and defended by governments to a greater degree than any other religion or the indigenous people, while at the same time, being at war with and invading many Muslim countries. The end result will of course result in massive unrest and civil wars. The trigger for this will of course be austerity, and the people will look for someone to blame for the loss of their land, culture and wealth. Immigrants, especially Muslims, will be blamed along with their religion of conquest.

All the Elite have to do is stand aside and watch their enemies defeat each other. Then out of chaos, they will create a new world order at the request of mankind. The only religion that will then survive is the religion of science and materialism, and many are already a part of this religion more than they realize. It is a religion that each new generation has been, and is being, incrementally indoctrinated into.

When religion falls, so too will mankind fall under the total control of the Elite, and their army of enforcers. Their leader will of course be seen as God on earth.

When the Elite are gathered together, their cry is; 'let no spiders enter here, for we have already created a web of deceit, to capture and feed upon the souls of man.'

My mission is to reveal the secret language of the Spirit that has been lost to mankind, for it is the only way to counter the Elite, and stop the hell on earth that is even now knocking on the door.

Love and peace