Beyond Ego

If you are ever to reach a state of Enlightenment, then you must first become Self-realized. In other words, you must come to know yourself, your true self.

If you are not Self-realized, the Self that you see yourself as, or what you think you are, will be a false image. It will be what you have accepted it to be, or what you desire it be, but it will not be your true image.

Ego is the Self’s perception of its identity. It is an identity constructed from the reasoning of one’s knowledge and desires.

Reasoning itself is based on acquired knowledge and swayed by desire therefore, any identity created by Ego will always be a false one.

Ego blocks the path to Self-realization. It always masks the Self’s true identity, and so Ego must be disposed of.

Ego, or the Self’s perceived identity, is something that you become attached to, and act according to. In essence, it means that you are living a lie, and trying to be what you are not.

Trying to be what you are not requires a constant struggle, and it is because of this that inner peace is so evasive.

All of those who are not Self-realized act according to their Ego, and because each person acts according to their own perceived identity (which is based on their personally acquired knowledge and desires) people struggle against each other, or seek acceptance by others. It is Ego that divides the world.

Some are drawn to do things for others, or act in a certain way simply to gain acceptance, things that have not come from the heart but as a result of Ego.

If you measure your Self worth according to other peoples Egos, then you have joined in the game of the blind leading the blind.

Ego must be disposed of if you are not to bend like a reed in the wind.

To dispose of your Ego you must become nothing, you must dispose of your false identity. After all, where did you get that identity from? Was it not from other people who have lost their own true identity?

Condemnation will cripple any soul on its journey to enlightenment, and no soul can enter the state of enlightenment wearing garments of condemnation.

What then is the condemnation that you have accepted? And where is the goodness within you that you have rejected ownership of?

There is only one judge and that is Love. It does not desire vengeance but mercy. It does not seek to condemn but to understand and act with guidance and compassion, and it forgives those who feel sorrow when realizing that their actions were opposed to the ways of Love.

The only way to free yourself is to realize that at present, you do not know who or what you are. Neither does anyone else who has not become Self-realized and so your perception of your identity is false.

For all the knowledge that you have gained in the world, what good has it done you? What do you know of worth? Has it ended your suffering, fear and insecurity?

It is not by clinging to attachments that are outside of the Self that will bring you peace, but rather it is in giving up such things.

Beyond Ego lies the True Self. Beyond want, lies peace. One must first become nothing to become all that they can be.

Those who forgive are forgiven also. Forgive yourself as you would forgive others.

You must go beyond illusion to the place that is beyond Ego. It is there that you will come to know your True Self, which is the ‘I’ in ‘I AM’. It is that which existed before it found knowledge.