Closer to the Light

So you want a perfect life, one full of peace, Love and Truth, one without suffering and need, and you want that life to last forever. You want to Love and to be loved, you want to know the meaning of life, to know who and what you are and why you even exist.

These are the things whose existence is revealed to the awakened soul, and hidden to those who still sleep. Those still sleeping in their ignorance are at peace, and they resent anything that threatens to disturb that peace. They are lovers of the worldly things, and of the power that the absence of a conscience, guilt and empathy bring. But the awakened suffer a great disturbance, and they can find no peace because their eyes have been opened, flooding the world and revealing what was hidden in the darkness. Once more they can see what is right and wrong, good and evil. At first they are confused, and then afraid of the place they find themselves in, a place that they know is not their true home, a place they wish to leave, but do not have the knowledge to do so.

And so they set out searching for that knowledge only to find that their searching has made them an easy prey to the selfish and ignorant who seek to profit from them and to blind them, making them servants instead of freeing them.

What you seek is available and entirely possible.

Full awakening has three components and they are Love, Truth and Self. Only full awakening results in the perfect everlasting life. Many claim to be enlightened but in Truth they do not have all three components.

The first part of full awakening is unconditional Love.

The second part is the ability to discern Truth that Love gives.

The third part is the realization of the Self’s true nature as a spiritual and not a physical being.

Each of these components begins like a seed that has to be tended to and grown with water, food and light. It is then that they are reaped. The problem is that other seeds, the seeds of lies and deception, have also been sown and tended, and they must be removed.

The mind is like a field and when you came into the world this field was empty, but as you grew both Truths and lies were planted in it, and it is those lies that prevent you from experiencing the life you search for. Now the only way to achieve that life is to clear the field. The things that are of Love and the Truth that Love has revealed must be stored in the memory, and the rest must be burned.

You must stop clinging to the things of the world.

For all the knowledge that the world has given you, what do you have that is of any worth? What do you have that will end your suffering? What do you have that is not perishable?

The things that are of the world stay with the world, and they perish with the world. You cannot take them with you.

If you cling to the things of the world and Love them, you will be given what you desire in your next life journey. You will come back into the world and inherit what you left behind.

Truths are immortal; you are immortal, lies and worldly things are not. You cannot take anything that is not of Love and Truth into Heaven, and if you try to, then all that you have including your Love and Truth will be taken from you, because it is contaminated. Before you come back into the world, your field will be cleared as if a new mind, and you will remember nothing, not even those you have loved, or who you are.

Why wait until then? Clear your field now and start again, keeping only your Love and the Truth that it has revealed to you.

Love not for reward but for Loves’ sake, because the moment you Love for a reward you make Love conditional, and that kind of Love is not allowed in Heaven.

Anyone who requires a reward before they do anything makes their selfishness exposed and is clothed with shame.

The path Home to the everlasting perfect life is a narrow path, and each side of it is a ditch which is the world. The wide path is the easy path that leads to the abyss of darkness. It is where the blind end up and where the dead are buried.

Let go of the world, and as you fall, Love will catch you and raise you into a new and perfect life. All things will be made new, and every tear will be wiped away.

Have faith in Love, seeking not its reward but its establishment.

It is because of my Love that I died from my old life and was born again into true life. I am free because I am free from the world. I have no fear because I know this journey in the world is but a moment in time, a passing through the darkness into light.

Your life is in your hands, make it perfect through Love and you will not have lived and suffered a wasted life.

You were always loved and always more precious than the things you have clung to. Let them go and be what you were meant to be, a perfect soul.

I know it is difficult, but you will make it, and you will know I have spoken the Truth, and that I love you.

Love and blessings