Coming to Know Your Self

I AM is a reference to the existence of the Self. I AM means I exist, I am real, and I know it.

I is a reference to the Self alone. I AM only I.

I is not a reference to the Self and the mind. The Self is one. The mind makes two.

There is the Self and there is the thought in the mind. I am here, my thought is there.

The Self/I is the creator and observer of the thought. I exist already. Thoughts come and go, but I remain.

There is I and my thoughts.

There is I and my body.

These things can be observed by the Self/I and so must be outside of the Self/I. They are beyond the place of sight.

However, the Self cannot observe the Self. It can only observe the thought I, which is a thought and not the SelfSelf-realization occurs when the Self becomes aware of/feels its own existence, when attention is turned exclusively onto the Self and nothing else.

I AM I, and nothing else.

There is only I in this space that I occupy.

I AM a separate and individual spiritual being.

Nothing can enter or leave the space that I occupy. 

Material things can leave the body; even parts of the body can leave the body.

Thoughts can leave the mind.

But the Self cannot leave the Self.

There are only three things that are everlasting and permanently retainable. These are:

  1. Self existence
  2. Love
  3. Truth

When you realize this, you will be standing at the door.

When you stand alone with nothing that can be taken from you, then you will enter the Kingdom.

Standing Alone

Buddha spent many years seeking enlightenment. He sought it in the wisdom of sages, and in watching and contemplating all that was occurring around him. Eventually he sought it in the severest austerity.

Then came the day when he realized that for all of his suffering, the door to enlightenment was still closed to him. And so, sitting alone beneath a tree, he vowed not to move until he had achieved enlightenment. He had given up all that was of the world in pursuit of enlightenment. So what was it that opened the door to enlightenment for him?

All desires are attachments; they are locks on the door. Buddha had given up all desires for the things of the world, but he had not given up his desire for enlightenment, and this desire alone was as great as any man’s desire for things of the world. Buddha was pushing against that which was immovable. The greater the desire, the greater the force of will, and the greater the resistance. Eventually after much effort, Buddha realized the impossibility of his quest and so gave up, as any wise man would do. He was left with nothing to contemplate but the Self and its circumstance. This is when Self-realization occurred and the door to enlightenment opened.

‘Sometimes you have to give in to win’.

When there are no distractions the veil of illusion falls, and what was hidden is revealed.

You cannot give up everything and stand alone, until you realise that you are alone, that there is the Self, and there is everything else.

You will not give up everything and stand alone, until you realize the difference between want and need.

Whatever you have to struggle and compete for, can never be yours to keep.

There was a man who walked a hundred miles carrying a sack of treasure. When he reached his destination, he had to leave it outside where others would take it. How much easier and quicker his journey would have been if he had left it behind.

What do you have that cannot be taken from you except the Self?

All around you, everything has been changing since your birth, yet the Self remains unchanged, it is unaffected perfection. Feelings change, but not that which feels.

Do you feel that barrier? That locked door to self realization that refuses to open? How many times have you said, “I can’t seem to get it, there must be something wrong with me, what am I not doing?” You can do it. I know for certain that you can, and if you have the courage to let go, of what the world has lead you to believe, then you are almost there.

You need nothing to sustain your existence, not even Love and Truth, but you do need them for a perfect and everlasting quality of life with meaning. You can keep these things forever, because they remain in your heart. Incidentally, Love is not pleasure; pleasure is an attribute of Love.

All you need to do now is stand alone with nothing that can be taken from you, and turn your attention to the Self alone.