Forbidden Knowledge

It is said that knowledge is power, and so it can also be said that those who search for knowledge are actually searching for power.

This statement will of course offend some of you and you will be saying; ‘I am not searching for power’, because you think that to do so is somehow wrong. Now whether searching for power through knowledge is right or wrong, is of course dependent on what type of knowledge you search for. You see, there are those who search for knowledge to give themselves power over the lives of others, and there are those who search for knowledge to gain power only over their own life.

It is apparent that there are two types of knowledge, i.e. good and evil. In other words there is knowledge that is righteous, and knowledge that is unrighteous.

It should be realized that having knowledge of both good and evil does not in any way constitute a sin.

They tell you that if you even think about evil you have already sinned, but to weigh the difference between good and evil (right and wrong), you must first hold both in your mind. If your preference is for the evil thought over the good thought, then you have harmed only your own soul. It is only when you act upon an evil thought that you have committed a sin.

Sin is not what you consider, it is what you do.

Without knowledge of both good and evil, it would not be possible to compare, consider and choose. Where there is no choice, there can be no righteous punishment or reward. Without choice there is only innocence.

No knowledge should therefore be forbidden, in other words, no knowledge should be kept secret, but it has been, and not by those who have knowledge of good, but by those who have been influenced and corrupted by the power of the knowledge of evil. For some that corruption has been absolute.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Logion 81, 'Jesus said; ‘Let him who possesses power renounce it’. This of course refers to the power of knowledge, and the way to renounce that power is to share it, and in that way, no-one has power over another.'

The Gospel of Thomas seems to present a problem, because they are secret teachings, and I have previously stated that no knowledge should be forbidden. So how do we resolve this problem?

Truth always remains a secret to those who cannot comprehend it, and it is always rejected by those who hate it.

Those who hate the Truth will also hate the one speaking the Truth, and will seek to silence him.

Those who cannot comprehend the Truth will consider the one speaking the Truth to be deluded, and would even consider it a personal attack.

It is plain to see that Jesus shared the knowledge he possessed, with those who were able of understand and accept it. His teachings could only be considered as a secret by the spiritually blind, and even to those who were spiritually blind, he was ready to heal their spiritual sight.

Matthew 7:6 'Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.' KJV

It is written in John 21:25 'And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.' KJV


There was a new Church formed after the passing of Jesus Christ from this world, one that would lead people into captivity rather than to freedom. How greatly they have pruned the branches of the knowledge that he gave, and how greatly they have corrupted his teachings. They search the world for a convert and when they find one they take him/her further away from Love and Truth than they were before. Is the Pope the vicar of Christ on earth? What can’t he interpret the book of Revelation? Why does he require people to call him Father, when Jesus said; ‘call no-one on earth your Father for you have one Father who is in Heaven’. Why does the Church label the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary and many other gospels as heretic? I tell you in Truth there is a storm coming and the false Church will not stand.

The knowledge that you seek has been kept secret and forbidden to you, by those who wish to retain their power over you. It is by false doctrines and secret societies that many have been led along a path of illusion and dis-empowerment.

It is said that the blind lead the blind, but there are also the fully sighted who intentionally lead those they have blinded.

The church will tell you that you were born a sinner, due to Adam disobeying God’s commandment. Well let’s take a look at that piece of doctrine that condemns you from birth and puts you in their hands.

Genesis 2:9 'And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.' KJV

Genesis 2:16 'And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.' KJV

So Adam was permitted to eat of ‘the tree of life’.

Genesis 2:17 'But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.' KJV

And why did Adam die? Because God removed access to ‘the tree of life’.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was clearly a temptation, placed there by God. Can it be said that God didn’t know what would happen? If He didn’t then how can it be said that God is omniscient? If He did then it was clearly intended to happen, and Eve and Adam cannot be blamed. If eating the fruit was a sin, then God would have to bear responsibility for it.

If you put a loaded gun on a table in front of a child, and tell that child not to touch it, and the child ends up shooting itself, who do you think is to blame?

Clearly Adam and Eve were meant to eat the fruit, but it had to be their choice, and before they ate the fruit they did not know evil, so how can they have intentionally committed a sin? There was no sin and what would have happened if the fruit was not eaten?

It is said that all men are born equal, this of course means equal in knowledge, which is power, and so it is, that what we learn in the world determines how much power we have. Clearly there are some individuals who have more power than others, and some have an incredible amount of power, and it is those that have the most power in this world that I want to talk about next. They are usually referred to as the Elite.

There has been Elite in the world since ancient times. In the past they were referred to as Gods, and this continued through the Roman era. Today such souls are simply referred to as the Elite. They are the ones who have risen to the highest positions of power.

It may surprise you when I tell you that they are indeed Gods. In the past they were open about their Godhood, but today they are more secretive as to their true nature and identity.

It may also surprise you to know that they have achieved nothing that you cannot achieve. The only difference between a god, and a God, is knowledge, faith and strength of will. It is by these things that the kingdom within, and the kingdoms of this world, are conquered. Their symbol is usually the Eagle, and this can be found in scriptures.

There are only two types of God. There is the self-begotten God who is the creator of all that there is, and there is the begotten god who is destined to become a God. You are a begotten god and the reason you are in this world is to ultimately achieve Godhood.

The offspring of a horse is a horse.

The offspring of a physical human body is a human body.

The offspring of a God is a god.

Flesh gives birth to flesh.

Spirit gives birth to spirit.

Psalm 82:6 'I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.' KJV

John 10:34 'Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods.' KJV

Understand who and what you are, then you will know what it is that you search for.

There are two ways for a begotten god (You) to achieve Godhood. This means that there are two types of begotten God, i.e. one empowered by good, and the other empowered by evil.

The first way is:

  1. By completely overcoming evil, i.e. through Christhood

Christhood is achieved by completely filling the heart with the Spirit of unconditional Love. This is a choice that you have always had. This Spirit of Love then circulates through the spiritual body like the blood circulates through the physical body.

The spiritual body is likened to the physical body for instance, the heart is the driving force that causes blood to flow around the physical body giving life to the flesh, but the spiritual heart is desire that causes the spirit to flow around the spiritual body. The flesh of the spiritual body is knowledge, and so the Spirit gives life to the knowledge. 

Imagine the Spirit of Love flowing through the spiritual body, just like blood flowing through the physical body, and you have an image of the Tree of Life.

To become a Christ is to be anointed by the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Love. That Love then becomes a part of the spiritual body, and so the Self becomes Love. It is Love that reveals the Truth and destroys that which is not true. The spiritual body then only contains knowledge of Truth, and so the spiritual body becomes the Truth (The Word).

When Jesus said; ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’, he meant, ‘I am the way to Godhood through Christhood, I am the truth, I am the spirit of life (which is love).

Jesus said also; ‘Follow me’, he also said; ‘All I have done you can do also, and even greater works than these because I go to my Father’. You can follow Jesus. You can become a Christ. You can become a righteous God.

Yes Jesus was a God, but he never claimed to be the Father, who is the Self begotten God.

Yes the Word came in the flesh and the Holy Spirit too.

The second way is: 

2. By completely overcoming good, i.e. through Satanhood

The other way to become a God is through Satanhood, which means becoming an anti-Christ. This is a complete rejection of Love and all that is of it, including empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and respect for other life.

There are many anti-Christs in the world even today, but there are only a few who have achieved Godhood through Satanhood, and the deception and evil that they are capable of is almost beyond comprehension, but you should not worry, because there is now a Christ in the world, and soon there will be many.

Many say that the unrighteous will go to hell when they die, not realizing that it is they who are dead, and have created hell on earth, for it is a place that they felt at home in and rule.

Righteous Gods go to Heaven because they have no more need of this world. Everyone else is reincarnated back into the world to complete their studies, and they are all born equal in knowledge.

So there are two kinds of begotten Gods, each perfected in either good or evil, each with a will like a rod of iron, each with an unbreakable faith, and each a conqueror of their kingdom within. Only the righteous will keep what they have after their life's journey has ended.

They teach you that there is someone called Satan or the Devil, running around the world, tempting people and committing evil acts. In psychology this is called projection, in other words, blaming someone else for your own actions. It is quite clear in scripture that the devil is the evil heart, and desire is the serpent. It is also quite clear that Satan is a reference to the unrighteous side of the Self. So there are two personalities within the Self, fighting each other for domination of the kingdom within. Even the best of us have had to contend with temptation and the struggle to control our inner kingdom, and if truth be told we have not always won.

Ancient Knowledge

The knowledge needed to achieve enlightenment and Godhood has been in the world since ancient times, but those who possessed it were usually corrupted by the immense power over others that the knowledge gave them, and so they kept it for themselves. You will find this knowledge preserved in metaphors and symbols from Sumerian times, through Babylon, through Egypt, and through Judaism and Christianity, in fact, right through to the Book of Revelation. It has always been about the evolution and empowerment of the soul, resulting in enlightenment and Godhood. It has always been about you and your spiritual journey.

The last time that a soul possessed and began teaching this knowledge to the world, was around 2,000 years ago, but unlike those who rule the world, this soul achieved Godhood through Christhood, making him the most loving soul that the world had ever known. Unfortunately he found himself having to teach in a world ruled by unrighteous Gods, where people were being led by blind guides. It is no different today.

After this soul that you know as Jesus Christ left the world, a new church was formed in his name, absent of the knowledge that he taught that would empower people and set them free. The way, the truth and the life was lost to the world and replaced with another way, another message and spiritual death, and up until now this has not changed.

Today the Truth can no longer be silenced and the knowledge can no longer be hidden. I have that knowledge, and it will be given to the world once more, for the sake of Love and the redemption of all loving souls.

So I am going to take you back now to my enlightenment, and tell you of things that I have not previously revealed.

-------This is what I wrote in the article ‘My Enlightenment’:-----

‘It was then that I felt a presence and I knew that it was God. Still I felt no fear; it all seemed so natural. I have no words to do justice for what happened next. I felt what I can only describe as pure Love wash through every part of my being, and it was as if my eyes were fully opened, and I felt my consciousness expand. I realized that there are things that the normal consciousness is incapable of perceiving or understanding.’

There are a few things that I didn’t elaborate on at the time of writing that paragraph, because your eyes had not been open enough to understand and accept them, but by now they should be.

When I said that I felt a presence and I knew that it was God, it was actually my own presence that I felt. It was the moment that I came to fully know my Self. It was a full, clear and profound connection with ‘I’. It wasn’t like the brief yet powerful connection that you sometimes get when focussing on ‘I’. Such moments come and go so fast, like flashes of lightening, in which you feel your very existence. They are moments of acute Self-realization that instantly cease when focussed on. What I experienced was different. The Self-realization was sustained without effort. Before this, it was as if I had been looking out from the image that I had created of myself, observing reality through my ego, but now that image had dissolved, and I was observing and feeling reality from the very core of my being. I was now ‘I’ and nothing else, and I knew that I was immortal, untouchable and unbreakable.

When I said that I felt pure love wash through every part of my being, I can now tell you that what I felt was my own love. It was unconditional and needed no fulfilment, for there was no room to add to it. I felt no vanity, no pride, no ego, no want and no fear. There was perfect peace, absolute security, and a greater sense of happiness and contentment than I can find words to describe. My whole existence was filled with light that was pure, and I knew that I had become one with the Father. I had returned home to the Garden of Eden, but I was not to stay there, and having taken another step forward, I found myself perceiving reality through a new image. I was now my own master, and the master of my kingdom that had been made righteous. My third eye had been opened and the Akashic library was now open and available to me, and it was there that the Spirit would teach and guide me.

Looking back, I see that by making my love completely unconditional, I had opened the floodgates, and love had poured into my soul, leaving no room for anything that was not of Love.

I had spent a whole lifetime searching for the knowledge that would set me free, and I realized that for all my searching, I hadn’t found that knowledge. I hadn’t found what I was searching for. So I had given up my pursuit of power through knowledge. I was like the wise man that after years of carrying around books, finally threw them to the ground and walked away, determined to live his life according to his own will and not the will of others. For me, knowledge was not the way; love was. I had taken back my life and authority over it. It was now my will that would be done, and my will was to be true to the love in my heart, whatever that might bring or take away.

Before enlightenment I did not believe in religion, or God, or an afterlife, and I was hoping that death would be an end to awareness. Look at me now.

Realize that others have influenced and taken control of your life, and make the decision to take it back, because they know less of Love and Truth than you do. There is no-one out there qualified to criticize and judge you, and no loving soul ever would. Choose unconditional Love come what may; it is the only way to end your journeys in this world, it is the only thing that will save you. You search for power, and there is no greater power than Love, for even Truth is worthless without it. I share my Love with you, along with the Truth that it has revealed to me.