I once knew a woman who kept a bird in a cage, until on a summer's day, she took the bird in the cage, out into the garden and placed it on a table and opened the cage door. After a while the bird flew out of the cage and on to the fence. Its song was loud and beautiful; it was the song of freedom.

The bird flew around exploring its new found territory for about ten minutes, calling loudly and then fell silent before returning to its cage where it stayed. The bird had called out for its kind but all that it heard were the songs of different birds singing different to itself and it did not feel safe. It was alone in a place that it did not know, and the world had nothing that it wanted.

I will open the door to freedom that so many have desired and you will not find yourself alone. Your call was heard long ago, we are the children of Love and Truth.

There can be no evolution without revolution, no change without resistance and rejection.

The path of life that we are pressured to follow is that which is decided by the collective consciousness of mankind, and in looking at the world through awakening eyes, we see a path that is so wrong.

Through organized  religion and politics, we are led to conform to the collective consciousness that is diseased and tranced. It can feel like no peace and no escape can be found from the suffering that is strewn on the path of life.

A sheep can never become a shepherd and a slave can never become a master. Both sheep and slaves are treated as less intelligent and less worthy, they are treated as commodities, possessions to be used and sacrificed for the benefit of their masters. It is they alone who profit from those they keep in bondage, illusion and ignorance. The disease sustains the disease and the disease is selfishness and unrighteousness.

As a loving soul, you have been strong in Heaven, but weak in the world.

It is those who are weak in Heaven, and strong in the world that have ruled the world, and in ruling the world, they have guided the collective consciousness.

A soul that has Love and Truth does not strive for power over others or for wealth, for it sees with different eyes and it feels what the unloving cannot. 

It is the soul unfaithful to Love and Truth, who stands by and watches the disease as it spreads through the collective consciousness, yet Love and Truth is the only cure!

As a Loving Soul, you want to change the world, to heal the collective consciousness, to end wars, conflict, poverty and inequality, but you can do very little of worth until you shed its poison, and become a Free Spirit, only then will you regain your true power, a power that is immeasurable and undefeatable by the darkness.

There are those who have rebelled against Heaven, against Love and Truth. It is time for those who have Love and Truth, to rebel against the darkness, against the collective consciousness that is diseased, against the conformity required by those who look down on you as less worthy, against those who defile what is good and right.

You will no longer submit to those who judge and condemn you in their ignorance and blindness, because they have less Love and Truth than you. If might is right, then there is no greater might than Love and Truth.

Take back control of your life for it is no-ones but yours! Do not bow to the deceivers. Get off your knees and Love yourself for the Love and Truth that you carry! You are no-ones property but your own!

You have suffered and made sacrifices for so long, for so little reward, praying and hoping for the fulfilment of your Love, and for peace and rest in a world where Truth is forbidden and Love is seen as a weakness to be exploited. You have asked for these things and they are offered to you here now so take them. It is Love and Truth that have driven you, and you have tried so hard to conform to them while at the same time, you were driven to conform to the ways of others. You know what is good and right, have faith in that, and in yourself. Be true to your nature, be true to yourself. 

You are worth more than you ever realized.

You are not alone, you never were. All that you have done in Love and Truth, all of your suffering, and all of your tears have been known. With the life journey that you have left, walk with Love and Truth, have total faith in them alone and the Spirit will guide you home. There you will find the end that was the beginning, the place of your birth, everlasting life in a realm of Love. To realize that Love is the Way, is the meaning of your life journey, and you have done so well against all that was thrown on your path.

Finish your quest for perfection, rebel against all that is not of Love and Truth, and in your freedom go within, and realise that you are a Divine Spiritual Being, worth more than all that is of the material realm.

The darkness does not give up easily, and you will encounter thoughts that are repulsive and shameful to you. They are not yours. They are the last desperate attempts by the darkness to turn you from your path. The Spirit is with you, be strong!

You will live forever, freedom is your birth right, take it and find the way home and the fulfilment of your Love.

If you ask I will lead you, but not as a master or a shepherd. I came as a teacher and a messenger, to deliver the Truth that will set you free. I will take you to your freedom, where you will be taught by the Spirit of Love unto perfection, and in the Sacred Place of enlightenment, you will know and rule over the all. You always knew that day would come, and it is closer than you realize. I will tell you things that the human mind could not conceive, things hidden since the foundation of the world, and you will know for certain that you are not of this world. It is time for your healing.