Hell on Earth

How easily the world turns its back on Truth, fearing the consequences of accepting it. How easy it is to speak of Love and Light, when inwardly hiding in the shadows where they so easily conform to the will of the Darkness. It is not that the world is without Truth that we have Hell on Earth, for the world has always been the Devil’s domain, rather it is because so few have ever had the courage to put aside their desire for pleasure and the preservation of their physical body, in defence of what is good and right for everyone.

How easily those of little faith bend like a reed in the wind, unsure from moment to moment whether they are a spiritual or material being. How easily they follow that which makes them feel safe, and how easily they refer to Truth as negativity, when it does not please their ears.

Has it not always been the way that the Darkness condemns and hurts those who are loved in Heaven? Is it not the time for those who have whispered the Truth to begin to shout it? Is it not the time for those who have carried the Light, to accept and proclaim what it reveals? Mankind needs so desperately to hear the voice of those whose hearts are filled with Love and Truth, instead of the voices of pretenders and those who love the Darkness.

I for one will speak the Truth, even in the face of those who hate it, for it is not the world that I strive to please, but Heaven. All that is in the material realm will someday fade to dust, but Heaven will remain for eternity, and as long as there is Heaven, there will be Love and the Absolute Truth.

As I look at the world, I see those who are content in their ignorance or denial of Truth, striving for knowledge of the Universe, believing in their ignorance that it is all that there is, and they search for themselves in its dust, seeking immortality through trans-humanism and the manipulation of genes, and on the way, they seek no less than taking control of everyone else’s soul and physical, through the manipulation of the brain/consciousness interface.

Mankind is already in the process of being divided each being watched, segregated, categorised, labelled and tagged. All aspects of a person’s life are being stored as data on computers. The ever increasing abundance of laws are silencing free speech, and ending privacy. They assert that they own the children, whose indoctrination they control, and with their power they seek to write the names of all those that they conquer, into the book of death, so that they shall not be alone in their iniquity.

In their attempt to destroy any belief in the spiritual, it is apparent that they have no more use for the false god that they helped to create for the purpose of controlling the masses and they are now trying to remove God from the minds of mankind, so that their final grand plan can be realised. In striving to kill God, they seek only to kill their guilt, and to write their preferred moral code, one that allows them to do as they please with the lives of others, for their own benefit.

In their doctrine of evolution is ‘the survival of the fittest,’ meaning the most intelligence of worldly things, the most powerful and ruthless. They hide behind a doctrine of death and evil, putting on a face of compassion for mankind, to hide their true nature and the path that they lead others on. It is the path of the most deceitful intelligent animal, the creature that has control of their consciousness. They are the ones that fell from Heaven, and prefer in their ignorance, to stay here, sharing the world with those who are like them, and using the rest for their benefit.

It is those who have succumbed to the Satan Consciousness that rule and control mankind, their poison has permeated every nation, every society, and even religion and science. They have always been ‘The Watchers’, studying the behaviour of others, noting their weaknesses, their reactions, their desires and fears, and with such knowledge they have deceived and bent the will of others to their own, leading them like sheep, into conformity, into the Darkness. This is the so called enlightenment of those at the top, those who have been called the elite, the Illuminati. They have no power except for that given by those who live in fear, or in awe of their position and wealth. They steal, or take by force or deception, whatever they desire, using those that they have blinded to the Truth, to do their evil.

As I look at the world, I see religions in which lies have become truth, truth has become lies. Evil has become good and murder, oppression and cruelty have become acceptable to many. Judgement and punishment is in the hands of those least qualified, and fear and the promise of physical pleasure in Heaven, have become the tools to gain converts. I see religion used as a weapon of war and control.

I see souls with Love and Truth who have been made to accept that which they know in their hearts is wrong, out of fear of rejection and punishment.

I see souls with nowhere else to go, their minds poisoned by the implantation in their subconscious, of a god who is angry, vengeful and jealous. I see a god created in man’s image, by those who love the world, and I see that god, falling in the face of Truth, and beyond that false image, still stands the true face of God, the face of Love and Truth.

I see followers of the false god, praying for Armageddon, for a final battle that will kill millions, a war of unimaginable suffering, the establishment of Hell on earth, domination through murder, oppression and hate.

I see churches and temples filled with material treasures and with those who exult themselves above others, I see the abomination of desolation, the absence of Love and Truth, a place where the sheep are corralled and sheered. It is not the word of God that I see in these places, it is the word of blind shepherds, who pick and choose what teachings suit their own desires.

All that was taught by God’s messengers has been debased, but those words still shine in the hearts of those who know Love and Truth, God’s word, and you should know that in these last days, God has spoken through one who is of the Light, ‘Turn to Home.’