Human Cruelty

We are all aware of human cruelty; almost all of us have experienced its effects at some time in our life. For some, the experience has been far worse than it has for others. If we are to end human cruelty, then we must understand the reasons for it. Only then can we bring mankind back from the self-imposed hell on earth that is being created.

It is without doubt very difficult and indeed hurtful for many loving souls to face what is occurring in the world, things that are so abhorrent and beyond their comprehension, that even a surface glance causes an immediate response of rejection. In defence they have to distract their minds lest their souls be torn beyond repair.

There are many who call themselves loving, yet they prefer to stand at the back of the field in a safe place, when it comes to acknowledging and tackling evil. They enjoy the benefits and exaltation of being regarded as a loving soul, but anything that interferes with that pleasure, is regarded as negative and to be avoided at all costs. They live in fear of rejection, and of having to face the reality that love also hurts. 

They think that they can change the world simply be speaking of love and light and by helping others when it makes them look good. They want to love and be loved, but they do not want to suffer for love.

The root of all evil is a lack or deficiency of empathy, but what is empathy? It is a measure of sensitivity to another soul’s feelings, and it is the cross that must be carried if we are to end human cruelty and become perfected in love.

Without empathy there would be no love, no sharing of feelings, which would result in all relationships being completely selfish and no more than relationships of convenience.

There is a process occurring in the world today whereby people are being desensitised to the feelings of others, and it is being done by those who have no empathy at all. The proper term for such people is psychopaths. The sad thing is that these are the kind of people that so easily rise to positions of power and wealth; these being their only driving forces.

Without empathy all things are permissible to the self because life, other than ones’ own, has no value other than fulfilling your own desires. Is it any wonder that so many children are being used for sexual gratification or profit? Is it any wonder that there is so much conflict and famine in the world?

This is not the kind of world that the majority of people want to live in, a world ruled by psychopaths who manipulate people’s minds, silencing them with the threat of being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, a ‘terrorist’, a ‘racist’, a ‘pacifist’, ‘an enemy of democracy’, a ‘troublemaker’, ‘mentally ill’, ‘incompetent’. The list goes on and on. Such labels do not affect those that deserve them, but they are devastating to those who don’t deserve them. Free speech has almost been destroyed by the psychology of those who fear it. Independence is a fast fading word as people are made more and more dependent on the State, on the few in power.

It is the Elite who create wars, wars fought by people who they see as expendable, they train them to kill, overcoming empathy by convincing them that it is an honourable cause, a duty to their country, that what they do is good and right. Yet how many have gone to fight the Elite’s wars, and returned to be discarded has having no more use? You will find them living rough, homeless, neglected, and many in need of mental health care. For all they have suffered, what has been changed, how is the world a better, safer place?

In this world, empathy is not a weakness, it is a strength, it is not a reward, it is a sacrifice made for all of mankind, it is the expression of Love, faith with works. It is a choice, a choice that grows until it is no longer a choice, and through it, is found the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Every one of you is worth my last drop of blood, an ocean of tears, and a lifetime of suffering. I carry my cross with pride, for a soul’s honour is found in its Love. You will not find me at the back of the field in this spiritual war, for you salvation. I am there at the front, the Father is with me and I am with you.

Love and Peace