In Two Minds

There are two perfect and opposing states of mind and either will result in empowerment, peace and freedom to the Self within this life journey.

One state of mind is known as the Christ consciousness, and the other is known as the Satan consciousness.

Neither of these two minds has any inner conflict, for each believes that it has found truth, and in such a strength of belief, perfect faith is found.

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It is faith that empowers the Self, whether the belief is true or not.

The Christ consciousness is free of material restraints, and the Satan consciousness is free of spiritual restraints.

Neither the Self with the Christ consciousness, nor the Self with the Satan consciousness, has any doubt as to the nature of its being.

The Self with the Christ consciousness believes that it is purely a spiritual being.

The Self with the Satan consciousness believes that it is purely a physical/material being.

Where there are only two perfect opposites, duality exists.

Where there are two perfect opposites, and a merging of the two in between then triality and therefore imperfection exists.

For example: light and dark are perfect and opposites, but all shades in between are imperfect and in conflict with that which is perfect.

If a person is not perfected in either the Christ consciousness or the Satan consciousness then they are somewhere in between, they are in two minds.

Conflict causes tension, tension causes stress.

Moving towards one mind and then the other, causes friction, friction causes fire in the mind.

All suffering is caused through residing in an imperfect mind, one that is undecided what truth is.

The middle of the two minds is the place of greatest stress and suffering, and it is there that the only defence that the Self has, is to believe that there is no truth, no right or wrong, no good and evil.

The Self that finds itself in this position of neutrality will do all that it can to stay out of the conflict, and remain accepted by those drawn either one way or the other, even to the point of insincere agreements. They seek peace with those of both minds.

Those who find themselves in the middle of the two minds find themselves desiring the benefits of both minds equally, and any negative feelings about their own actions are cancelled out, due to a lack of commitment to either mind.

So far we have the two perfected and opposing single minds


And we have the mind that is balanced  between the two.

Throughout history there have been very few who have attained perfection either way.

Those who have attained the Christ consciousness are noted for their commitment and sacrifice in pursuit of the spiritual and physical well being of others. They are empathic and loving and put the needs of others before their own.

Those who have attained perfection in the Satan consciousness are noted for their complete lack of empathy. Unfortunately their power is used only to benefit themselves, and they are without conscience. Many have suffered and died because of their actions.

Most people who are not perfected either way have a leaning towards perfection, this may be to a greater or lesser degree.

The further one moves towards either perfected state, the greater the conflict will be between those of the opposite state, yet there is compensation, due to the fact that the closer one gets to perfection, there is an increase in the Self's power and there is a greater measure of comfort due to an increase in faith.

Where would you put yourself on the following graph?

Do you think that it would be a good idea to commit yourself to choosing the state that you wish to be perfected in, rather than wandering in one direction and then the other, like a reed bending in the wind? Which state of perfection do you think is the best for yourself and which state of perfection do you think is best for mankind?

There is power in decision and commitment, but there is no power in indecision and lack of commitment. Decision frees willpower, indecision cages it.

Before a child comes into the world, it is single minded, it has all that it needs including peace and comfort. It is only when a child is old enough to make choices that it is drawn into other people's definitions of what is right and wrong. The child then either submits its power to others out of fear of rejection or physical punishment, or is indoctrinated with the beliefs of others by the use of psychology.

When the child comes of age and is more understanding of the world, it is able to question what it has been taught. It is in this state of free thinking independence that it finds itself in two minds. Each of those two minds present their own set of natural instincts, one set spiritual and one set animal.

Which mind a person is drawn to, depends on their sense of self identity, either as a spiritual or physical being.

It is through a person's belief in the nature of the Self that it organises its life and decides how they will treat others. Any confusion as to Self identity will mean that the person will not be able to organise their life with confidence, and they will always be uncertain as to whether they are right or wrong. Many people have realised this and have begun to search for proof of their true nature.

'What am I?' is the most important question that you should ask in life, for without its answer all other things are irrelevant and without meaning and purpose.

Looking back from the last day of your life, it will seem as though it passed in an instant, and pleasures and pains would have been long spent and faded into nothing. It is then that the uncertainty of the future knocks on the door of the unperfected. It is a time too late, to know if you lived rightly or wrongly. It is today that you are able to find truth, and in finding it, end the uncertainty of two minds.

Let us now consider the two perfect and opposing minds, and determine the consequences of each, both for the Self and for mankind in general.

There is no doubt that for thousands of years, there has been a struggle for supremacy between the Christ consciousness and the Satan consciousness. It is a struggle that everyone is caught up in, a struggle that will inevitably reach an end, with one side completely dominating the other. At this point the collective conscious of mankind will move in a single direction. In the end, there can be only one way, the way of the Christ consciousness or the way of the Satan consciousness. Whichever way becomes dominant, each person will be faced with the choice of complying, or face rejection as an outcast.

If the Christ consciousness becomes dominant then love will be the law, and mankind will move forward as one, each person's needs will be cared for by the rest, and life will take precedence in value over all materiality. Peace will come at the cost of self preservation.

If the Satan consciousness becomes dominant then each person will stand alone and in competition with everyone else. The strongest will rule over and take advantage of those who are weaker. The Satan way is the natural way of the animal, which the Self has come to believe it is. Peace will come at the cost of freedom and the lives of the weakest, who will be seen as useless baggage to the rest of mankind. The worth of life will be measured by material possessions and the power one has over others.

Both sides are becoming stronger, it is naturally those of the Satan consciousness, who rule over the world, but where will they be if there are enough who choose love and refuse to conform to their ways?

It is not for me or anyone else to tell you how you must live your life, all that can be asked of you is that you consider the consequences of your actions, for what one does to another, also gives them the right to do in return.

When you were one you became two, what will you do when you become one again?

Everything that is done is done for the Self. This may sound wrong and even offensive to those leaning towards the Christ consciousness, but not to those leaning towards the Satan consciousness. Why is this so?

There is selfishness which is a natural requirement of life, and there is selfishness without consideration of other people's needs or feelings. The question is, why should you consider other people's needs or feelings? Well if you don't, then they are not obliged to consider yours. Taking into account other people's feelings should be seen, not as a sacrifice but rather as an investment.

Here is a story to demonstrate the rewards of selfishness with respect to others needs and feelings:

A woman was on her way home from an evening socialising with friends. On her way home she had stopped and bought a takeaway meal to eat when she got home. As she passed through a shopping centre on the way to the bus station, she saw a rough looking man sitting in a doorway of a shop. He reached out his hand to her and was obviously homeless and hungry. The woman gave her meal to him and carried on home.

Was this an unselfish thing to do, and why did she do it?

The woman was obviously inclined towards the Christ consciousness and so was empathic. If she had not been, then she would not have been affected on seeing the man. Now being empathic, the woman felt the man's suffering herself. The only way that she could end her suffering, was to end the man's suffering.

So you see, she did it to stop her own hurt (for herself), but that was not all that she gained from her actions, because she felt the pleasure of doing what is good and right, and having it appreciated.

How do you think the woman would have felt if she later learned that the man was not actually hungry but he took the meal as if he was? Unfortunately there are far too many pretenders ready to take advantage of loving people. But it is better to feed one hungry person and be fooled by nine others, than deny love and compassion to everyone.

Who knows when they may find themselves in need?

The natural instincts of one who believes they are no more than a physical being are:

  • Self preservation of the physical body
  • The avoidance of pain
  • The acquisition of pleasure

These instincts cannot be overcome by the perfected Satan consciousness and so naturally lead to selfishness without consideration to others needs and feelings. The Self always comes first regardless of the affect on others.

It can be seen that love, empathy and compassion stand in conflict with the Satan consciousness instincts and so are rejected as weaknesses. To live in society however, those of the Satan consciousness find it profitable to pretend that they are loving, empathic and compassionate. This is the meaning of 'wolves in sheep's clothing'.

The instincts of the Christ consciousness are quite different due to the fact that it believes that it is a spiritual being, and so the prime directive is not the preservation of the physical body, and its source of pleasure is derived from love, peace and the ending of suffering for all life.

We live in a crazy mixed up world, where logic and reasoning is corrupted by uncertainty and ego, but whatever a person believes their true nature is, there is really only one way to live together.

A house divided against itself cannot stand, neither can mankind. The Satan consciousness is the destructive side of mankind, and the Christ consciousness is the healing side. The choice is not difficult.

The reality of the material world needs no proving, and neither does the reality of the spiritual that consciousness is. Both evolution and creation can be realized as the evolution of creation.

If you search for Truth, do not be afraid of what you may find, for in the end, you will find yourself, Love, Truth, peace, what you are, where you came from, where you are going, the reason for your existence, and the creator of all that there is, the perfect single mind, your true Father. I know this for certain.