Inner Peace

The greatest thing that you can give someone is inner peace

The second greatest thing that you can give them is someone to share it with.

Inner peace is the Self’s natural state of existence. It is a state of complete contentment, where desire is silenced and life is experienced in its fullness.

Every spiritual being begins its experience of life (consciousness) in a state of perfect peace, as if a ship at rest, on a sea so perfectly still, that its appearance is of glass, and on this sea of glass, no images can be found, nothing is seen but the faint reflection of light that reveals the stillness of the waters.

That which is seen is also felt and what is felt is perfect peace, permeating the whole of the Self’s existence. Still yourself for a moment and be in that place of perfect peace, see it, feel it, remember it. It is the place that you will make Holy.

It is there in this dark and tranquil place where the breath of God whispers, ‘What are you?’ It is with this breath of life that a desire for knowledge of the unknown, becomes as a wind in the sail of a ship; a ship that carries no cargo, no maps and no compass, a ship that sets out on its journey across the face of the deep, its movement disturbing the stillness of the waters, and peace is lost. It will see days of calmness and days of storms, but it will not find the stillness of peace until it returns with its treasure and the winds of desire cease in the Light of knowing. You are that ship, the sea is your Kingdom, and your voyage is one of discovery.

You began your existence in the Light with our Father, but your journey began in the stillness of night as a new born spiritual child who, by your own will, must search for and gather the treasure, that will earn you a place in the Light once more, as a child who has come of age. Only then will the end become the same as the beginning, as once more you stand in the place of absolute Love and Truth and once more be in the presence of our Father.

Before the winds of desire began to blow, we had no treasure, we lived in poverty, and it was we who were that poverty, because the heart of the ship contained no Love and Truth. People do not realise that the only treasures of worth are those of Love, Truth, and Knowledge of the Self, for they are the only things a soul may gather that are permitted in Heaven. They are treasures that are light. It is only the treasures of the world that are heavy, and which must be given up at each journeys end.

Desire for peace is the motivation behind every soul.

Some think that they will find peace in wealth, and power over others. Some think they will find it in the death of their enemies, and some think that they will find it through the acceptance and adoration of others, yet through these things only a temporary calming is found, and they are always tainted with the desire for more or the fear that they may be lost.

Where there is fear, there is an absolute denial of perfect inner peace.

Where is there is desire for things of the world, there is absolute denial of perfect inner peace.

It is desire that sets us on our journey. It is the wind in our sails. There are times when the wind is strong, and times when it is weak, and there are times that it changes direction, setting us on a different course.

When we started out on our journey, we searched only for Truth, but when we found the dry land (the world) we discovered its pleasures and a new desire arose for the things of the world, things that would reward us, and lead us into the forgetfulness of our search for Truth, and of the one that searches.

When you realise that you never left the sea, and the belief that you are in the world is an illusion, what will you do?

Close your eyes from the world for a moment, and see the illusion disappear.

Now you see the place where you are. Now you see the waters.

What have you gathered that you can cast on those waters, so that once again you can see the reflection of their images?

It is you that casts those images on the water, it is by your will only that they appear, and each one will change how you feel. What then have you that is of worth to you? What will you keep in your Heart, for all that is not of Love and Truth will turn to dust, and nothing that is of the world can be possessed or removed from it?

We see the things within an illusion. We touch them, feel them, and move them, but that which is in an illusion cannot be removed from the illusion. This is why we can take nothing from the world. All illusions eventually fade, and with them the things within them.

Love and Truth are eternal things, for they are the absolutes of God, for God is Love and the word is Truth, and they are one. In the beginning was the Truth, and the Truth was with Love, and the Truth was Love.

We are driven by the desire for peace, and the desire for pleasure but the desire for pleasure is the enemy of peace. Desire for worldly pleasure can never be satisfied, for as soon as it is gained, it begins to diminish, and so needs constantly replenishing.

We are taught that we must Love each other above all things, yet our journey began with the search for Truth, and there is a good reason why finding Truth first is more important than finding Love first.

If we find Love we become content and feel that nothing else is needed. Although Love and Truth are one, we see only the Love, and we are blinded to its Truth. It is because of this that as time passes, the Love between two people gradually fades.

Truth is the foundations of Love; they are one, just as a house and its foundations are one. If you look after a house and ignore its foundations, then the house will eventually fall, and so solid foundations must be built first. If Love is to last then it must be built on Truth.

The disciples were given the Truth first so that the Love Jesus gave them would stand for all time.

When Truth is found the searching ends and desire is satisfied. It is then that the ship stops and the water is no longer disturbed. What then is there to do but share the treasures that you carry? The treasures of Peace, Love, Truth and your life. Love is found in the giving, and is fulfilled in its return.

With Truth we find peace, but it is the sharing of Love that gives life meaning.

The Truth is that you are not of the world, and need nothing of it. Peace was always in your hands. Be still and share what I offer, for it is Love and Truth. They are your way home.

Be still, for the sign of the Father is movement and repose. It is the sign of the Father’s children who have searched and come to rest.

I give you my Peace, my Truth and my Love.