There can be no freedom without disobedience.

There can be no resurrection without insurrection.

The free spirit has no masters.

Conforming to that which is not in your heart is living a lie

A free spirit carries no burden. It is unaffected by fear or judgment. It goes the way it chooses, overcoming all resistance in its path.

Are you free? Are you going your way or the way that you are told to go?

Are you free? Or have you been made afraid to take your freedom?

How many people tell you what you can and can't do?

Are you your own master? Or are you a servant to the will of others?

No servant sits at their master's table, for it is reserved for family and those who are temporary guests. Why then seek to be invited where you cannot stay?

Freedom is never taken away, it is surrendered until insurrection.

No-one is the master of those that they love,

No-one is the servant of those who love them.

The self worth is not dependant on the approval or admiration of others, for what is seen as having worth to one person is seen as having no worth to another.

Is there a greater judge than Love? Is there a better path to follow?

Those who judge, do so according to their own standards.

People who accuse without proof, also accuse themselves, because what they accuse others of is what they themselves would have done.

The elite have had their day. Those who have inflicted laws that are in opposition to Love have had their day. Those who have destroyed the quality of life for others for personal wealth power and security have had their day. An insurrection such as the world has never seen is coming. No more will loving souls be ruled over by the unloving. No more will they bow their heads in obedience for the sake of a false peace.

The blood and suffering of loving souls is scattered throughout history. It is to those that we turn and say; it was not in vain, we are awake, and we will be free. Our insurrection is non conformity to the ways of the unloving.

When the peacock spreads its wings its true colours are seen. It is the same for the antichrists, for they have spread their wings, and on them is written: WAR, DISEASE, PESTILENCE, FAMINE and DEATH. And beneath that is written: OBEY OR SUFFER.

Those who rule over you do not want you free, for how then can they profit from you, who then will serve them and continue maintaining their empire?

It is time to fully open your eyes. To realise why the world is the way it is. To realise that you are not living but merely trying to survive. You must learn to see the faces of those who hide behind false establishments and masks. They condemn to destroy self worth. They make it legal to murder and steal from who they choose, and they call it an honourable act. They make laws that they themselves do not conform to. They preach to the poor while guarding their riches. They set themselves up as God's teachers while breaking every commandment. They turn attention from themselves by setting the people against each other. They claim to be peacemakers while making war. They oppress those they pretend to serve, and worst of all, they pollute and change the words of the one true God.

The world has been divided amongst the elite, through both political and religious organisations, and the world sees a difference, where there is none.

One World Religion

The elite are making a play for complete world domination, but religion stands in their way, so now they seek to join all religions into one world religion, calling it mutual respect of diversity of faiths, and yet each religion has a different version of God and of what God expects. There are even religions that do not believe in a God. To respect a faith that is different to one?s own is an admission of one's lack of faith; it is hypocritical and partial apostasy. It is deceit for the sake of peace. How clever that they have found a way to weaken and eventually destroy all religions. Now the world can pick and mix from the doctrines of all religions. The good will pick the things of Love and the unloving will pick the rest.

Jesus gave a New Testament and in doing so, led an insurrection against the established religion. He disobeyed the religious masters by refusing to conform to their ways. He did it peacefully and remained true to himself and Love. They killed him for it.

The antichrists saw the threat to themselves in the teachings of Jesus, who had started a fire that threatened to blaze out of control and destroy them. What would you expect them to do? Naturally the antichrists took control of Jesus' church, and the new church destroyed all that stood in opposition to it, remoulding the Gospel of Christ. They have left a trail of death and suffering. The council of Nicea struck the final blow by getting into bed with the Pagans and Romans, and a new control system was developed in the pursuit of wealth and power for its masters. Has a true son of God died for nothing?

Now what of you? What are you to do to regain your freedom and to find the one true God that is like a tree hidden in a forest of illusions?

No-one can set you free. You must free yourself. It must be your choice alone. You must turn from the Gods that they use to control you and frighten you. You must be true to yourself and follow your heart, you must make it pure or at least try your best.

Look at the world, who is free, who can say they are saved? Well the elite have taken their freedom, from poverty and servitude that is, but only until it is taken from them when they leave the earth.

Let me hear you say:

I believe in Love.

I will be my own master

I forgive everyone, and in doing so, I am forgiven

Love is my only judge and teacher

I believe in myself

I will be true to Love whatever may come

I take back my freedom

Do this with sincerity and the veil between Heaven and earth will be torn and you will know your Father, the God of Love.