You came into the world an innocent soul. It was a world corrupted by the sleeping and ignorant, a world where Love and Truth are suppressed, a world without answers.

As you look back, what do you see but a life of restless wander, times of torment in a world of misery, ever tempted by the darkness, yet ever restrained by an invisible force that you could not overcome, a force that caused you suffering, guilt and hurt each time you opposed it. Yes you have done wrongs that you prefer not to have done, and you have looked back with shame. It is the same for even the most Loving Souls who have walked this world; it is the valley of the shadow of spiritual death.

This world is not the world that you want it to be, you cannot change it because each will choose their course, but you can change your life and I will show you how. One thing is certain, and that is that you know what is good and right, and no-one can take that away from you!

You came into the world an innocent soul, any wrongs that you have done have not been your fault. The guilt lies with those who have, in their ignorance and blindness, led you astray and so it is that you remain in innocence.

This is your time, you are the most precious of souls; all you ever wanted was Love and Truth. They will be yours, and you will know all that you have desired and more.

I have walked your path, I have suffered what you have suffered, I have seen all that was hidden, and I have stood in the presence of God as an innocent child, whose Love has been fulfilled. Listen and understand.

The knowledge that will free you and take you home, is not in the world, it is here, and the conditions for enlightenment must be established before it is attainable. If the knowledge for these things had been available, then there would now be millions of free and enlightened souls in the world, andLove and Truth would reign, and all Loving Souls would be satisfied.

You cannot become enlightened until you are a Free Spirit, standing in your own power, sure of what you are and able to make choices that are not influenced by worldly desires or fear. You must also make peace with yourself.

You will not profit from the teachings of those who act out of fear, or those who seek ego satisfaction, domination, control and material rewards. The world and the physical body have no power over those who have found their true identity. Not even death of the physical body holds any fear over the Free Spirit. How many of such people can you find in the world? What can be traded for Love, but Love itself? Who can trade Truth, for it has no owner but itself? Love and Truth are given without the need for reward, neither demands submission through fear or force. In knowing what is right and wrong have you not judged already, those whose teachings are deficient and fruitless? Is it not why you still search? Trust in what you have of Love and Truth, it will lead you home.

You will not find proof of your true identity, the spiritual, or even God, in religion, though many have found unity with others in what they prefer to believe. That which is written in the heart, has far more power than that which is written in books, and all books are written by men according to their nature.

You feel lost because you cannot find confirmation of what you instinctively know is true, and here you find yourself in another place, hoping that at last you have found something of worth, you will not be disappointed!

Throughout history, prophets have taught according to their time, walking a fine line between what would be accepted and what would they would be killed for teaching, giving the greatest knowledge to the few who were capable of receiving and understanding it, but both the prophets and the disciples laboured in vain, in a wo.rld controlled by those whose desires opposed Love and Truth. How could it not be realised, that those in power would change the teachings that would expose their wrongs?

The path that mankind has been taken on, will not reveal your true identity, the spiritual or God. All that you will find is contradiction, confusion and paths that lead back into another life journey of suffering. You must turn from established religions and the enticements of those still sleeping in ignorance and blindness; you will find only hypocrites and predators.

You must not seek enlightenment, because only the soul that has come to know itself, and has chosen Love above all things, can stand in the presence of God and receive true enlightenment. You cannot find God; it is God who finds you when you are ready.