My Poems

Love poems that will touch your soul

Of all that we have in life, there is nothing more precious than the Love that we carry.

Those who have found this great treasure are blessed indeed, and it is with you that I share the treasure I have been given.

I still shed a tear as I read these poems, I hope that you will too, for tears are a measure of a soul’s true worth, and show just how precious you are.

You are not alone and always loved .

I love you too


Sea of Love

My Angel

An Angel’s Feather

Your Dreams

Lonely Heart

A Place Full of Love

Soul Mates

Love Found

I Am Love

Hidden Within

I Found a Place

Reincarnated Love


Turn to Home 

God’s Seed

Free Spirit

The Mystery of Love

The Spirit of Love

The Dark Night of the Soul

First Love 

Loves Quest

Inner Voice

The Journey

The Hourglass

If You Believe

The Magical Realm

Time to Awaken 


A Space to be Filled

For the Children 

Silent Rain

My Girl

Dark Angels


Forgive Me My Love

Where Will You Go?

Call Me My Love

The Innocence of Love


Flying Feathers