No Masters

We live in a world where many claim to be master, but in Truth, all who claim to be masters are deceivers and tyrants, unless the power that they have found is used to free others from servitude and inequality.

The good master has students whom he seeks to make his equal. A good master is no more than a teacher.

The bad master has servants and slaves that he keeps from becoming his equal. A bad master is no more than a tyrant.

Where there is free will and equality in knowledge, there are no masters.

A free spirit is one who has no masters, because it has surrendered no part of its free will.

Free will is the God given right to rule one’s own life, to have no masters.

A good master will say ‘listen and understand’ (consider).

A bad master will say ‘listen and accept’ (conform).

A good master takes away ignorance and gives sight.

A bad master takes away free will and blinds.

We come into the world as free spirits, and each of us are equal in that respect. We have no masters until we submit our will and are made to do the will of others. In doing so, we hand the responsibility for our life and our actions over to someone else. By this we are deceived into thinking that we are blameless and forgiven for our mistakes, for we reason that any sin will be on the master alone, and we say ‘I did what I was ordered to, I was told it was right, it was not my fault.’

We come into the world without masters, but many seek to leave it with masters.

The power of the soul is found in free will. If you give up any part of that free will, then you give up your power, even faith is the free will to believe.

We come into the world knowing nothing of it, and in forgetfulness of our past. The only thing that we have is our spirit and what it has evolved into. It is what I call ‘the colour of the soul, its shade of light and darkness.’ This is decided by the amount of Love and Truth that we have.

Awareness, desire and will are the three pillars of life, but there is a fourth, and it is Love. Together they support the Heavens and the earth. Without the fourth pillar, there is instability, uncertainty and struggle, as the other three pillars take all of the weight. Only Love can bring peace and security to the All, which includes life itself. Love must not become a master; it must become a part of what we are.

Man has tried many things to make himself complete, fashioning pillars in place of the true pillar, but all but Love are destined to crumble, leaving life to struggle without knowing its completeness.

Even the pillar of hate can only bear the weight for a short time. It is by its nature, both self destructive and a destroyer of all that is around it.

You have no masters except those that you elect to support you while in this world. What will you do in the next?

The Father is not a master, he is an example and a teacher, and when we listen and understand we come of age, and we too become Love, for in Love is written the Law, the Truth, and the meaning of life.

When we rebuild the temple that we are, then the Father will come, for it is then that we have no masters and need no teachers. It is then that we live without want, and seek only to share.

You must come to know yourself; your True Self, then you will know what you have to do to make yourself perfect in life and in power.

You came into the world knowing nothing. What knowledge have they taught you that is of worth to you, what have you got to show for all of the knowledge that you have? It is the world that brings confusion and darkness into your life. It is the Love in your heart that brings Truth.

You have no masters, and when you realise this, you will be free, free to enter the Kingdom and take full control of what was always yours.

You will never cease to exist, let that existence be with Love and Truth, for there is found the peace that you search for.

Let this be a new day, your day. To be true to the heart is to be true to the Self. Where there is Love, those of Love will gather, and I and the Father will be there also.

It is not where you have been or what you have done that matters, because Love is forgiving, rather it is what you are now and where you are going.

Face the things that you have done wrong in the past, and consider that if you knew then, what you know now, you would have acted differently. Forgive yourself as you would another who has felt hurt for their wrongs. Forgive those who have caused hurt through their ignorance. Forgiveness comes from understanding with Love. There but for the grace of Love go you or I. It is the righteous who punish themselves and it is the wicked who punish others.

This is a new day the past is gone and cannot be changed, but the future can. Become all that you can be, become your True Self. God is Life, Love and Truth, and so are his children.