Over the Rainbow

Feeling trapped

There are those who go through life completely oblivious to their situation, and to what has been done and what is being done to them. They accept, sometimes with grief, that the way the world is, with all of its struggle and suffering, is natural and unchangeable. Such people believe that they are no more than a physical body and they consider nothing further. Because of this, they ridicule and scorn anyone who has spiritual inclinations or beliefs. These are the ones who, out of ignorance, contribute to keeping the world the way that it is.

But you are not one of those, because somewhere deep inside, you have become aware that there is something else, something different, immaterial and invisible and because of this realisation, this awakening, you have begun a search for it.

You may have always been this way. If so, then I have no doubt that you came into the world a loving soul. In which case, I recognise what you surely must have suffered and endured. Without doubt, you have a mission in life, one that you have waited so long, for it to reveal itself. It was natural for you to wonder when your mission would be revealed, and to become impatient at times. The reason that it has not yet been revealed, is because you have not had the power to accomplish it, but I promise that you will have, before the end of my teachings.

I know that you have searched many places before, and that you have heard many wonderful and pleasing things, but I also know that you have not found what you have searched for. How much time, effort and money has it cost you and yet you find yourself unsatisfied? Still the little voice inside cries and begs to be freed from this alien world that it is trapped in, yet even now, it would remain silent if blessed with love’s fulfilment. I will give you freedom, and love will find and cling to you.

Taking back your life

Someone once said ‘it is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees’. The difference is in having the courage and faith to make a stand for what you truly believe is right, or surrendering your will and through fear, comply to the will of others and do what you hate. What therefore is the difference between this and being a caged or chained animal that is made to perform in a circus? Life has no quality without freedom, and if you comply for the sake of survival how much do you really believe that you are a spiritual being whose existence is eternal, and not dependant on the physical body?

The keys to your freedom have been hidden to keep you on your knees, to keep you a servant of the world and those who rule it.

It is time to break those chains and taste the freedom that belongs to all life. It is time to take back your life and open the door to self realization. It is time to step out of the game.

Changing the rules

When you were born into the world, there was a game already in motion. It has been in motion for thousands of years. It was started because of ignorance, and it has continued because of ignorance.

As soon as you were able to comprehend the reality of the place you had come to, you were recruited and trained to become a player, and you were left with no other choice but to conform or suffer until you did.

The problem is that the game is unfair. It requires deceit, lying, cheating, selfishness, competitiveness and the wearing of a mask to hide ones true feelings or intentions. The tools required for success are the causation of fear in others or the promise of a reward to them.

You are led to compare what you have with what others have to measure your success and status in the community. In the extreme, people are led into the situation whereby they kill or harm others to gain greater status. Life itself becomes worth less than personal power or material possessions.

In this game, Love, empathy and compassion become weaknesses that prevent progress in the game. This is why they are so easily abandoned.

Life in the game becomes a constant struggle to be accepted, admired, approved of and loved, to avoid rejection, to feel safe, to avoid pain, and all in the pursuit of peace and pleasure.

You are always left worrying about what other people think of you, and you constantly adjust your behaviour to suit them.

People judge and in turn are judged by those that they judge, the winner being the one who is left with the most self worth. It amounts to slaves judging slaves, the lost judging the lost, the prisoner judging the prisoner, the fool judging the fool, the blind judging the blind. The greatest casualty is self worth.

Whatever one does to others, they give them the right to do the same back. Every time you do something, it is like throwing a pebble into a still pond; the waves go out and come back even greater.

The game is self sustaining, because everyone is conditioned to play it, and everyone teaches it to their children, thinking that it is the only way and there is no other choice, but there is always a choice.

How much have you been drawn into the game? How much has it affected your quality of life? How much have you been led to believe the judgements of others that are trapped in and playing the game? How much have you been led to believe you are worth? How much have you been led to lie to yourself and do what you hate?

How much longer will you play the game? How much longer will you conform to its rules made by the selfish, unloving and ignorant?

Can you see what has been done to you, what is being done to you? Can you see where it is leading?

In respect of the game you will find death through compliance and life through defiance.

It is the game that has led you to make so many attachments that are harmful and cause you suffering. It is the game that has led others to judge, deceive and cause you hurt. They are trapped in the game too.

Stepping out of the game

You were born innocent, and you remain so because you were denied truth by the world.

You were born precious, and you will always be that way to God and those who Love you.

You should now judge yourself on the Love and Truth that you have, and not by the ignorance or hate that others judge by.

See the game for what it is, realise the affect that it has had on you, and is having on the rest of mankind. Recognise when you are being manipulated, controlled, playing the game. Let go of the attachments you do not need, and the desires and judgements that are a part of the game. Let go of the cravings it has caused. Keep your feelings for Love and discard those that oppose it.

When we are all equal in knowledge, it will be realised that we were always equal in worth. So, neither look up to anyone or down to anyone; neither lower your self worth or exalt it. Then you will know that you are not playing the game.

This is your life, your journey. Only you experience it. Let it be lived by your will, and let your search be for your self realization. Then you will see over the rainbow to your true home, Heaven and God.

Step out of the game and into the Light.