Poems 1 to 10

Sea Of Love

Take my hand and walk with me

To the forest of dreams where Love runs free

Where bluebells grow and scent fills the air

And birds sing of the Love that we will share

Out through the forest through fields of flowers

Barefoot we go past crumbed towers

Walking through streams as we follow their flow

Down through the valley the butterflies know

Then down to the shore where angels fly above

There our boat waits by the great sea of Love

So kiss me once more and we’ll sail this great sea

Two souls lost in Love for all eternity

My Angel

You were walking through my dreams last night

And you stopped to say hello

You could have stayed forever

But I guess you had to go

I fell asleep again tonight

I know you’re always there

I kissed you gently on the lips

As I brushed aside your hair

I know you are my angel

Though wings I cannot see

For this Love was sent from heaven

And placed in you and me

And when I wake tomorrow

At the dawn of a new day

I’ll smile and say ‘I Love you’

As in my arms you lay

An Angel’s Feather

An Angel’s feather fell from Heaven

I used it as my pen

I dipped it into the Spirit of Love

To save the souls of men

From every stroke there came a spark

That filled the page with Light

And as the words began to form

They healed my spiritual sight

When the page was done I read it softly

And gone were all my fears

For the words had spoken to my heart

And healed my spiritual ears

‘Go and tell the world my son

And set my children free

Lead them from the silent night

And send them home to me’

I offered back the Angel’s feather

That had opened Heaven’s doors

‘I gave you Love and Truth my son,

the feather? That was yours’

Your Dreams

When you dream your dreams

Will you see me there?

Holding you close

And stroking your hair

Safe in my arms

Where no hurt can find

Loved by my soul,

Body and mind

When your faith has been broken

And laid on the floor

Will I be the one

That knocks on your door?

Will I lay by your side

As your spirit flies free?

When you dream your dreams

Will you dream them of me?

Lonely Heart

It’s very hard this loneliness

I sometimes sit and cry

Are there no matches for my Love

Will someone tell me why?

I’ve always seen the good in others

But I never felt true worth

And there were many times I cried

For others on this earth

I have my friends and families Love

But my need seems greater than this

I need to find my soul mate

For that intimate hug and kiss

I need to see those loving eyes

That see my soul laid bare

And find that place where dreams come true

And all we have we share

I felt like giving up today

That life was just a joke

I was drowning in my own despair

It was then the Spirit spoke

‘I saw you looking in the mirror

With sadness and rejection

You thought the years had not been kind

But I could see perfection

‘You thought your life was meaningless

And your climb had not set you free

Yet you’ve overcome all the obstacles

And the mountain you’ve climbed was to me’

‘Come gaze into the mirror

Beyond those lonely eyes

And see the worth you have within

The Love that is your prize’

‘Your soul mate is the same as you

Their worth they cannot see

Give some Love back to yourself

and be all that you can be’

‘Those who Love do not take

and they will never leave

They always put your happiness first

for in Love they do believe’

‘If you have heard what I have said

And know that it is true

Hide no more in that lonely place

Your soul mate waits for you’

A Place Full of Love

I sit by the fire 

in my comfy old chair

And as I watch the flames dance

I feel that you’re there

I gaze across the room

To that wondrous place

And there sits an Angel

That wears your face

Outside the window

Beyond these four walls

The world is at peace

As the gentle snow falls

A kiss on your cheek

And your hand placed in mine

As the candlelight flickers

Two hearts lost in time

I gaze in your eyes

And my whole world I see

A place full of Love

Where my spirit is free

Soul Mates

These two strong arms that draw you near

Safe from the world and free from fear

Your gentle lips so soft and sweet

Send tingles from my head to feet

A kiss is stolen and you are mine

And I am yours we are lost in time

We gaze into each other’s eyes

And see no secrets or hidden lies

There is no fighting this thing called fate

For a soul will never leave its mate

Forever together and never apart

For we know that we live in each other’s heart

So take all that I have and all that I am

For without your Love I am just a man

Love Found

I’ve searched all my days to find your heart

And I felt the hurt while we were apart

I knew not your face or the colour of your hair

But I knew your soul whose journey I would share

I cast my Love like flowers into a stream

Every one was a broken dream

But more were made while I did sleep

Until I found the one that I could keep

I dreamed a dream it was of you

And when I woke, my dream came true

If all the world should fade away

I would lose nothing, if you stay

I Am Love

I have seen your journey

And the end as it nears

I have lived in your faith

And I’ve counted your tears

I’ve seen the treasure you found

And have carried inside

Where no one could steal it

Though many have tried

I have seen how you’ve searched

For a soul that’s like yours

And the times that you’ve knocked

On many closed doors

I’ve seen those who have deceived

You for their own selfish gains

They took what they wanted

But your treasure remains

I have followed your journey

And see all these things

For I am that treasure

That has earned angel’s wings

The light from your soul

Shines here and above

For I am your treasure

And you know I AM LOVE

Hidden Within

I was born into this world

And my spirit was free

It was chained and made worthless

Through the god they gave me

They said not to question

The one up above

So I stayed on my knees

And prayed for his Love

I gave all of my Love

Yet none I received

And I knew deep inside

That I’d been deceived

Now I live on my feet

And my spirit is free

I found the True God

That was always in me

It is the darkness that deceives

And leads us astray

From Love who is God

The Truth, the Life and the Way