Poems 11 to 20

I Found a Place

I found a place beyond this world

A place where the spirit is free

It is there that I rest in the arms of angels

And be all that I can be

I found a place that is filled with light

Where truth became a part of me

It is there that I found a perfect peace

As I travelled through eternity

I found a place of perfect Love

Caressed by my father and mother

It is there that I first came to realize

That you are my sister and brother

I found a place beyond the rainbow

And was given a pallet of paints

So I sat and I painted many beautiful things

That brought smiles on the faces of saints

I found a place beyond this world

So far above the sky

And as I looked back to the place I had left

A teardrop formed in my eye

So I left that place that I had found

Now on the earth I roam

To teach of the place that I had found

And take my family home

Reincarnated Love

Drifting as if from some ancient time

My conscious became aware

There was no light or dark or sound

No sense of movement or brush of air

If there was a past the gate was sealed

And no future was in sight

It was then I crossed the barrier

To the place of dark and light

An endless stretch of sparkling jewels

Were strewn across my way

And each were made of countless stars

Where souls would come to play

I drifted on through this wondrous place

As if guided by an unseen hand

Have I journeyed to this cosmic shore

To find one grain of sand?

At last I saw my journeys end

I knew this place was right

The bluest jewel and brightest pearl

Bathed in brilliant light

Another barrier lay ahead

For which I had the key

Where soul and body are joined as one

And a mother waits for me

I’ll lay and wait in that warm place

Until my time of birth

Then with this gift I bring with me

Spread Love upon the earth


Without Love we have nothing but material things

No lasting joy that togetherness brings

We always feel need and there’s never enough

Of the cars and the houses and electrical stuff

We put on our jewelry, best clothes and vain face

Then we dine and we holiday in every nice place

And people they gather to know us with pride

We think we are rich but we’re bankrupt inside

We’re the beautiful people well-spoken and read

And we sleep well at night for our conscience is dead

Our friends and our Lovers we buy as we need

And we get a good tax break by doing a good deed

If we lose all our riches where would we be?

For the conscience is dead and our spirits not free

We care not for others for our hearts made of stone

And we die as we live forever alone

So ask us some day when our backs at the wall

And we’ll tell you with tears we had nothing at all

Turn to Home

I have created a world full of searchers
But few have ever found me
I have created a world full of prisoners
And in each I have hidden a key

I have created a place outside of the garden
Where the Angel walks with the beast
I have laid out a table of Love and Truth
But few have come to the feast

I have heard them cry where was God,
When my needs were greatest of all
To gods they created, their faces were turned
To me they never did call

Behind them I wait, while their will is done
I stand in the place of their birth
Until they turn with Love to home
And leave behind the earth

God’s Seed

In the light I was born a pure spiritual being

In the stillness and silence not knowing yet seeing

It was then that I felt this space I am in

And knowing became a thought

that made my journey begin

There in that place not knowing of time

I gazed at the thought a creation of mine

I had felt and created in that place that was still

It was done without realizing my expression of will

The more that I looked the more I did feel

Until came another, I exist, I am real

This thought was different, it started a fire

And a question did form, with the birth of desire

What am I? Began my quest

And why I exist then followed the rest

I left that place of peace and light

In darkness to learn what is good and right

Desire will not end and peace never known

Until I surrender to Love, God’s seed that has grown

Free Spirit

Neither God nor the devil a free spirit can tame

No worldly desires can put out its flame

It carries the Truth which no one can take

And its eyes can see all through its soul that’s awake

No prison can hold it fear cannot subdue

And guilt belongs not in that which is true

To see through Truth’s window with the spiritual eyes

You must first clean the glass and admit you’re not wise

Many said follow the truth is with me

But they shared only chains for their spirits weren’t free

Through the door to freedom only one thing you take

It’s the Love that’s within you that shows you’re awake

Forget all desires the self and the past

Lay down your future and put yourself last

Nothing in this world without Love has a worth

From Love you were conceived and it waits for your birth

Cling only to Love and then you will see

Through the mirror of Love a spirit that’s free

The Mystery of Love

What is this thing that we call Love?

Was it placed in the heart from someone above?

Did it come with my soul when I entered this place?

Is it shown with a smile or a tear on the face?

Or like a seed that we nurture through the years

We give it our warmth and water it with tears

And as the Love grows we become dreamers and fools

For the ones who have no Love and use different rules

But we carry on, deprived of choice

Unable to deny our inner voice

Some find wisdom and some build a wall

And some just give up and wait for the call

If we follow our path which is pure and is true

Someday you will find me and I will find you

With no more to be asked and our spirits set free

We will know Love for it binds you and me

The Spirit of Love

There are things unseen by worldly eyes

Yet their images are just as real

So I close my eyes and call your name

And in your presence I kneel

There are things unheard by worldly ears

Yet in solitude the silence is broken

So I go to that place that is not of the world

Where things left unsaid may be spoken

There are things that we feel untouched by the world

Their pleasure and truth are supreme

So I go to that place where forever you live

And I know you are more than a dream

What a wondrous gift is that place that we meet

For Heaven is the home of the heart

Their our journey’s began and there they will end

And never again will we part

You touch my heart with perfect Love

As I kneel like a child at your feet

For you are the Spirit of Love

That my soul flies free to greet

Between two worlds our hands are held

Bonded by Heaven above

And though I may lose all worldly things

I will never lose your Love

Dark Night of the Soul

I would not care about you

If I didn’t feel your pain

I would have no need of company

But I can’t bear loneliness again

I would not need to find myself

If the world had been enough

And I would have known life’s meaning

But no-one fulfilled my Love

I will not live for the moment

And take all that I can

For my treasure would be stolen

By those who scheme and plan

In my sacrifice and suffering

Was a better life for some

And I have left a better world

For the children that will come

As I gaze out from this lonely place

To the journey from my birth

I see the Love I left behind

Was the only thing of worth

Desire was never silenced

By gaining material things

And I never found the happiness

That Love’s fulfillment brings

I was never a part of the world we see,

I am just a passer by

Yet being who I AM my friend

I will come when I hear you cry

I don’t know who I am anymore

Or why I even exist

Is there any purpose to my life?

Is there something I have missed?

All that I’ve learned seems worthless

What’s left for me to find?

I see no promised pearl of Truth

Just a cold dark empty mind

Will life continue after death?

Is there more pain to bear?

Or will I close my eyes one day

And awareness be not there

If God exists I see no proof

For God was never in sight

And now my heart is broken

As my soul walks through the night

I have nothing left to cling to

And desire has gone to sleep

The reality of Self is all I have

It’s all that I can keep

Now as the darkness deepens

And nothing I become

I put down all I’ve carried

And stand alone as one

Love is all that I have left

The only part not broken

I will give it all without condition

Denying nothing it has spoken

Standing alone in this empty place

And in my darkest night

I find the proof that God exists

As I step into the Light

First Love

I Loved you so much, as you Loved me

But our life together was not to be

Two spirits so close they were almost as one

And my memories linger on the things that we’d done

On that great sea of Love we had sailed in those days

I worshipped your beauty and cherished your ways

There’s never a day that I don’t see your face

For I kept you within in your special place

Now I gaze to the sunset and your silhouettes there

You are back in my life and I dream all that I dare

Our Love has been given to others this day

And we are happy for each other for that is Loves way

I just thought I would tell you what my spirit perceives

Of the times that we shared for which my heart grieves

I hope you will read and in your heart say

I feel how you feel for that is Love’s Way