Poems 21 to 30

Loves Quest

I have walked with angels

And stood on the shore of the sea of Love

I have stood in a rainbow

Made of tears from above

I have stood in the moonlight

In the forest of dreams

I have bathed in the lake

Fed by sadness’ streams

I have seen Love forged in heaven

And in a soul sealed

I have seen it sent to this place

And to all was revealed

I have seen hearts that are broken

And cast on the floor

I have seen those that are lost

And know not Love anymore

I have seen the joy of a mother

As she holds her new child

I have seen the tears on her face

As she cried as she smiled

I have seen rivers of faith

And mountains of despair

I have stopped and looked back

And the mountains weren’t there

I have looked in my heart

And I’ve seen all these things

I have prayed for the peace

that only Love brings

I am a soul no greater than you

We will all join with Love

When our journeys are through

Inner Voice

Still yourself in a silent place

Listening for the footsteps of your inner voice

It is shouting in vain and crying alone

Unheard through this world full of noise

There’ve been so many voices that have called

And you’ve followed through their doors

But they only led to hurt and empty rooms

And you were not sure which voice was yours

So they tugged on your sleeves said you only live once

All that matters is your pleasure and needs

Take all that you can and care not for others

There’s no one to judge all your deeds

This path that is dark where the blind lead the blind

Is the way to a cold empty place

Where your life has no meaning

and you’re lonely and used

And fall asleep with a tear on your face

Now the silence is deep and a gentle voice calls

It’s the voice of Love from your soul

It will lead you back through all of those doors

Forgive you and make you whole

This inner voice this voice of Love

Is the greatest gift of all

Let others not lay siege to it

Imprisoned behind a wall

Have faith in Love and you will see

This life is not the end

It can feed the poor and heal the sick

And turn an enemy into a friend

The truth it will lay before you

And its light will show the way

Then you will leave the night and walk free

Into the dawn of a beautiful day

You think you’ve walked this world alone

With no-one there to care

And yet you call God’s name when hurt

Because you know that Love is there

Let Love be the guardian of your soul

It will let no darkness in

And you will see that to intentionally hurt

Is the one and only sin

There’s no fear or guilt in Love

And the world’s chains it will tear apart

And there lies the greatest truth of all….

It was always in your heart

The Journey

This life is just a place we walk

Where other souls we meet

Some carry precious Love within

That no darkness can delete

I will never lose the path of Love

No matter how dark the night

For you are always there with me

To guide me with your Light

These bodies that we wear like clothes

Will someday be worn out

Then we will walk in a better world

Of that there is no doubt

I will see you then as I see you now

As a soul that’s truly blessed

And of all the souls I ever knew

Yours truly is the best

Love gives life true meaning

Not measured by the years

And when this journey ends my friend

I will honour yours with tears

The Hourglass

The sands of time are falling away

Grain by grain, day by day

That which is gone, I cannot retrieve

Only memories remain, refusing to leave

All of my life, in a moment compressed

I carry it forward, unable to rest

The time that I had, has slipped through my fingers

To have it again, is the desire that lingers

It is never too late, until the candle is burnt

To shine in the darkness, before the hourglass is turned

As I look back, through my journey on earth

The footprints I left reveal my true worth

Mistakes I have made but through them I have learned

Now I surrender to Love, before the hourglass is turned

If You Believe

We all have souls of that I’m sure

Some are rich and some are poor

Truth is that which we believe

Until a new one we conceive

Of all the creatures that have ever been

To only one kind is immortality seen

We strive for knowledge, its gift its curse

It can make us the best or make us the worst

In the light we are safe in darkness we hide

But there’s only one haven from the animal inside

At the end of each question there’s always a why

So gods we create and place in the sky

Each god is the one and there can be no others

And each we defend by killing sisters and brothers

When will we see there is only one choice

And in all that is good, there’s only Love’s voice

When you pass through the doorway when leaving this world

Will you enter with tears or with wings unfurled

When you enter that place and see all those that you knew

Will you say, I’m not staying I have more left to do

If you return to this world so truth you may find

You will find it in those who are gentle and kind

In those who you hurt yet they always forgive

And those who would die, so others may live

Yet they always forgive and those who would die

So others may live Love is a gift to give and receive

And the world you have changed

If in Love you believe

The Magical Realm

I lay among the forest flowers

Their scent was on the breeze

It was as if a gentle wave rolled by

As the leaves danced on the trees

What wondrous feelings deep inside

As my spirit began to soar

Before me lay a magical realm

That had opened up its door

There are no places such as these

On maps of any kind

But many lay before me

Through the doorways of my mind

There are two realms we live in

And each a separate place

Yet the spiritual and the material realms

Exist in the same space

The spiritual realm is where Love lives

You’ll seek it if you’re wise

And if you’d know what I found there

Just gaze into my eyes

Time to Awaken

Is this my dusk or is it my dawn?

Am I fading to nothing or just being born?

Where have I been and where am I going?

What hides in the mist awaiting my knowing?

I lived in a dream until I was shaken

A voice beyond the veil said; ‘Time to awaken’

I was at peace in my dream hidden by the night

I deceived even myself in the absence of Light

Yet still half awake, two worlds I do see

In one I’m a dreamer in the other I’m free

Where will I go now between heaven and earth?

To my dreams or the Light to my sleep or rebirth?

All dreams are illusions that fade in the day

And it’s real Love that I need so in dreams I’ll not stay

As my Love grows, the veil is more torn

Goodbye to illusions and sadness

the Light has brought the dawn

I step out of the darkness and take the loving hand

Once more into Heaven’s garden

The perfected child’s promised land


The pieces of my broken heart

Lay shattered on the floor

Was then I heard your footsteps

And a knock came on the door

I stood alone in the darkened room

And all I felt was fear

Please go away my heart is broke

And no one else comes near

So many promised Love to me

And led my heart astray

But I was always left alone

To cry another day

My heart is safely locked away

To protect it from more pain

I have no trust left in me

And I will never Love again

Again a knock came on my door

And a gentle voice did say

I ask for nothing for myself

And will not go away

The door it slowly opened

And standing in the light

Was the one who came to claim my heart

The one I could not fight

A hand did reach towards me

And my heart began to mend

For I knew this was my soul mate

My Lover and my friend

Those walls I built around my heart

Lay crumbled on the ground

And as I walk from this lonely place

I know my dream is found

A Space to be Filled

We arrive in the world, not sure why we are here

Pushed forward by hope, pushed back by our fear

Searching for something beyond our perception

Looking for truth beyond the deception

Faith gives us hope but experience is greater

We want to know now not hope for it later

We study and listen and believe what we choose

But do we have truth, will we win, will we lose?

Is truth what I make it, not here til I came?

Do I create my reality, is it me that’s to blame?

Is there a God or a Heaven above?

I’ve not known either but I have known Love

If God is Love and Heaven its place

Then my searching is over and filled is this space

For the Children

What is a child but a spirit that’s free?

There once in our innocence stood you and me

That place full magic and wonder and awe

Where the sea was of Love and we played on its shore

Now we are older and there’s tears in our eyes

We see too many children with a spirit that cries

We see those that are hungry but are hungrier for Love

Where the bullets fly free and in the cage there’s a dove

We see those that are abused and of Love they have none

And we’d give all that we have if it would even save one

We see those who are sick and suffering pain

They cry out for help but they cry out in vain

They are robbed by the selfish who take all with haste

They leave children with nothing in world that’s laid waste

We who have Love and see all of these things

Would give to the children all that Love brings

One person can’t save them but we can all make a start

To put back the Love that belongs in their heart