Poems 31 to 40

Silent Rain

When there’s no expression of despair

Yet tears roll down the face

You know the hurt the tears reveal

Are from the deepest sacred place

The things that are of the world

When lost could never cut so deep

For all of them can be given up

But Love you have to keep

There are souls and things that I have loved

Yet our bonds were possible to part

But I find it impossible to let you go

For you are tethered to my heart

This tugging deep inside of me

Is more than I can bear

And so my soul begins to weep

From an empty lonely stare

There is nothing else that I desire

But to have you by my side

And the only reason that this won’t be

Is because my soul has died

I know that souls are immortal

So someday we will meet

Then you can mend this broken heart

As I lay it at your feet

Until that day the tether I’ll keep

Regardless of the pain

And you will know my Love was true

Expressed only by silent rain

My Girl

The angels must have sent you

When you came upon this shore

For you came with so much Love

When you knocked on my soul’s door

You sailed across that sea of Love

To find yourself a mum

And I was deeply honoured

For you chose me as the one

I watched you playing as a child

And guarded over you

I watched you grow into a woman

And I’ll always be proud of you

I will always be with you my girl

‘til forever finds an end

You are the Love and joy in my life

My daughter and my friend

One day you’ll leave my arms my girl

When that special man comes in your heart

Just remember, no matter where you’re in the world

We will never be apart

Dark Angels

How deep the blade of hurt does cut

When the darkness comes to play

When trust is tested to endurance end

And the heart’s light drips away

Dark angels gather within sadness’s clouds

In the place where faith does reside

And they plant the poison seeds of doubt

From which no soul can hide

How craftily they do blind the soul

To subdue it on its own

There to break the bonds we’ve made

With those we have loved and known

The world becomes a darker place

When for the self we fight

Its hurt calls out for vengeance

To break the bonds of light

We’re led to hurt the ones we love

When we’re weak and torn with pain

I have battled with dark angels today

And Love saved me again


When first I felt your soft warm touch

As a flower feels the sun

I felt the winter melt away

And a new life had begun

No more those long and cold grey days

Of wondering what life means

No more those still and lonely nights

Broken only by my dreams

Just as the flower begins to grow

Its beauty to unfold

My spirit rose to greater heights

With a freedom that was bold

The world again was born anew

Its magic I could see

And as I gazed into your loving eyes

Life lost its mystery

You were the springtime of my soul

Through summer we did play

But now the autumn leaves do fall

And you will go away

Though winter will come and go my Love

In my heart you will remain

And I will dream my dreams until

I meet you once again

Forgive Me My Love

Forgive me my Love

For trust incomplete

My heads bowed in shame

As I kneel at your feet

My doubt grew in strength

While we were apart

Born from the fear

Of losing your heart

I could not be there

To protect you from schemers

The selfish and jealous

Unspiritual dreamers

In moments of weakness

Temptation arrives

I’ve seen it before

This destroyer of lives

So forgive me my Love

For faith made untrue

In the one who holds my heart,

My life that is you

Where Will You Go?

Did you hear that loud crack?

It was my breaking heart

Please bind me with hope

I’m falling apart

My screams are in silence

Only heard deep inside

My soul wants to run

But there’s nowhere to hide

You took all that you could

With nothing returned

And what you didn’t need

You left baron and burned

Where will you go

When you leave me alone?

For I am mother Earth

And I once was your home

Call Me My Love

You were torn like a flower

From our place in the sun

Now my tears make the rainbows

In the garden of one

I know how to find you

For Love showed the way

And I’m coming my Love

It’s the end of the day

I lay down my head

And I journey to sleep

For the soul is the one thing

The world cannot keep

Down ever deeper

Through fantasies shrouds

To the place where I dream

On featherbed clouds

My soul is surrendered

In this magical place

Where I hold you once more

And witness your grace

Now the waking world calls

How quickly walks time

But I’ll meet you again

When your heart calls mine

The Innocence of Love

He told me that he Loved me,

He told me of my worth

He said I was an angel

The only one on earth

He told me I was beautiful

As he gazed into my eyes

And into Love I fell with him

I was weakened by his lies

I gave him all I had to give

And fulfilled all of his desires

I thought I had found my soul mate

Two souls, two hearts, two fires

Now the door has closed between us

And he has walked away

Yet again my heart is broken

Another empty lonely day

I feel the shame of being used

How can I trust again?

I gave all that I had in faith

Yet it is myself I blame

It was then the spirit told me

That I had done no wrong

For what I did I did for Love

And I should move along

How will I know when Love is true?

How can I quench this thirst?

‘The one who Loves you will ask for nothing

And put your happiness first’

‘So seek the one who thinks like you

And does the things you do

If he’s the reflection of your soul

You know his Love is true’

‘Take a look inside your heart

For there you’ll find your worth

And know for this that you are blessed

With the most precious thing on earth’

And as the spirit faded

My heart was healed as new

I am happy that once more I’m free

And on the path that leads to you

My soul mate


You said that you Loved me

And then broke my heart

You said you would stay

But now we are apart

You said you’d never hurt me

Yet you left me in pain

I thought you were the one

But I thought wrong again

You always brought flowers

And a kiss on the lips

But the flowers and kisses

Were for bedroom trips

You said you’d be gentle

But now I feel used

My self-worth is lost

And my faith in Love bruised

I thought we were soul mates

And my life was complete

But I was a victim

Who lay at your feet

You came as my prince

So handsome and tall

But the fairy tale ended

When you’d taken all

I felt so alone

In a far distant land

And I cried many tears

With my head in my hand

I cursed and begged why

But now grief is done

And I’m glad that you left me

Because you weren’t the one

If you had but stayed

As I had once willed

My Love would be wasted

And never fulfilled

I thank you for leaving

And clearing the way

So I may find true Love

And the heart that will stay

Flying Feathers

I was perched upon the farmyard fence

Crowing at the sun

When an old boot hit me on the head

I thought my time had come

I saw a flash, gave out a squawk

As stars floated all around

It’s amazing how far you can travel without wings

Before you hit the ground

In a great cloud of dust as feathers flew by

I wobbled back onto my feet

And all I could hear was the sound of a hen

That was scraping the ground with her feet

It was then that I spied the feisty old hen

Just standing and staring at me

Well I wasn’t quite sure if I should settle this thing

Or gather my feathers and flee

I plucked up my courage and gathered my pride

And I asked her what all of this meant

She said ‘you’re not so cocky now are you

In fact your beak is bent’

I gazed in the pond at my disfigured face

And a brick hit the water and wet me

As I straightened my beak she was running away

Shouting ‘loser I bet you can’t get me’

Well I chased her all day and I couldn’t believe

The insults and cheek that I got

And it passed through my mind that if I was the farmer

She would be with some veg in the pot

I was feeling quite angry but then got her cornered

In a barn full of fresh and warm hay

But one look in her eyes and the smile on her beak

Caused my fire to all melt away

I thought that I was in charge around here

That I was the boss of the pen

But I gave up the roost and stopped being so cocky

When I fell in love with my hen

The moral of this story is

You may think that you are smart

But it takes a woman to bring out the best in you

For the best is in your heart