Proof of the Spiritual

Proof of the Spiritual begins here in a new and unique presentation of Spiritual proof.

I have much to teach you on this, the most important and illusive of desired knowledge, and so for a short time, I ask that you remain patient and persevere, as I build the foundations of that which will change your concept of reality, as I reveal that which has remained invisible to the physical senses and the mind, yet whose presence is felt by awakening souls.

An enlightened soul was once asked by his disciples 'what is the sign of the father?' The enlightened soul replied 'movement and repose' (rest). In a few short words, he revealed the difference between that which was life, and that which was not. You see, he was actually referring to 'controlled' movement and repose (rest).

There is nothing in the universe that has any control over its movement. A rock rolling down a hill cannot change the course that it has been set on, and a star cannot change its course.

The material universe is made of atoms, as is the physical body and atoms are not aware, they have no desire or free will. They are lifeless. If they were aware then we would have to refer to every atom as a soul. You are not lifeless, you are aware and you have desire and are free to choose your course. You are not of the world; you are of a different nature.

The mind is not made of atoms, if it were then it would be invaded by other atoms, or material objects that would be seen in the mind. For all the science that claims we are programmed biological machines, there is still yet to be considered that which is in control of both the mind and the actions of the physical body, that which is aware of its own separate existence.

Awareness cannot be created from the material world, the most that can be achieved, is the illusion of awareness. It is not atoms that are looking out through your physical eyes and observing the world. It is not from atoms that you create the images in your mind. If images were made of atoms then how much space would you need to store a lifetime of memories?

Material science ends where spiritual science begins.

Awareness alone is proof of that which exists separate from the material. YOU are proof of the spiritual, if you will only come to realize it.

An enlightened soul once said 'recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.' That which is in your sight is your own reality, the awareness that is life. Also in your sight is that which is outside of you, and therefore not you. 

All that you can see, even in your mind, is outside of you. The eye can never see itself except through a mirror, and who can create a true mirror in their mind? The self is visually blind to itself, you cannot see your true self, you can only ever feel your existence, and that feeling is self realization of your existence as a spiritual being. If you have the Love and Truth required, the gates of heaven will be opened for you, and you will need no more confirmation of the spiritual, or who you are and the reason for your existence.