Some think that I seek to reinforce an established religion, not realizing that I seek the destruction of all adulterated religions.

Some think that I seek power over others, not realising that I seek to end all such power.

Some think that I seek worship, not realising that through Love, it is I who seek to worship them.

Some think that I seek to increase their bondage, not realising that I seek their redemption which is: salvation, deliverance, rescue, release, liberation, emancipation.

It is fair to say that everyone desires inner peace and wisdom, but it is not everyone who desires Love. It is also fair to say that everyone desires an easy and pleasurable life, after all, what good is living if it can’t be enjoyed, if it can’t be lived as a free spirit? Life presents so many problems and all too often we are also presented with other people’s problems too, or at least, we become affected by them. Sometimes things get so stressful that you can’t even think straight, let alone solve a problem. Sometimes things get too much to bear and a person can end up hating themselves and others. Inner peace and pleasure are all too often hard won and short lived, and they become like stepping stones on the journey through life. For most it is like an hour of suffering for a moment of pleasures. As for wisdom, there is the wisdom of the Truth and of the deluded, the Angel and the fool, and it is all too often that the wisdom of the deluded is accepted as Truth.

Sometimes it may appear that there is no way to still the mind, and so people search, grasping at straws like drowning men. They are seduced by things that seem promising at the time, but soon begin to sink into despair once more. They believe that knowledge will save them and so they fill their heads with it, not realising that it has not come from a free spirit, or that it has taken them even further away from themselves. It is those who cannot, or have been made unable to save themselves, that cry out for a saviour. And there lies the greatest secret of all. You have the power to save yourself. You always have, but no master gives his servants the keys to their freedom, nor does he make them equal. The world is such that its masters do everything to keep you blind and in servitude to them. They will not give you the keys, but I will.

From the Gospel of Thomas, Logion 2: Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."

Someone once tried to set the world free, but they killed him and silenced his words. It’s a pity that they didn’t have the internet then. I do, and I will uncover what they have hidden.

A free spirit has no fear, it has no conflict in its mind, it feels no deficiency of worth, and it carries no guilt or resentment.

Inner Conflict

You cannot overcome what you do not understand, so here is a new understanding that will help you clear the path to your freedom.

Inner conflict occurs when either:

Desire opposes belief


Belief opposes desire

For instance:

You want to do something but you believe it would be wrong to do so. That’s the first torment.

The desire overcomes your belief so you go ahead and do what you know is wrong anyway. When the desire is satisfied and silenced, your beliefs raise their head and start condemning you. That is the second torment.

Actually this shows a weakness of faith in one’s beliefs, because if our faith was strong enough in our beliefs, desire would not have succeeded. Considering what the world has taught people, it’s not surprising that even loving people slip into doing wrong at times.

As you can see, we suffer when trying to make a decision, and we suffer for making the wrong decision. So we have; choice, action, reflection, guilt, then repentance.

More often than not, even the pleasure of the action is somewhat lessened as well, so it’s usually torment to some degree all the way, and of course, inaction is a choice also. Oh man, it can be so hard being in two minds!

All inner conflict is the result of a divided mind.

The mind is stilled when either:

Desire and belief are in harmony and both are satisfied


Desire is silenced. Some people attempt this through meditation, but such peace that is gained, only lasts while meditating.

Desire is want. It is the perception of a need that requires satisfying. That which we think we need, is dependent on what we think we are, i.e. a spiritual being or a physical being.

The divided mind presents a need to satisfy and silence its entirety, but there can be no peace where there is conflict.

The Serpent

The serpent represents desire, and in knowing this, many ancient secrets are revealed, for instance, the true meaning of the Caduceus.

The two wings represent the free spirit.

The two serpents represent the desires of the two opposing parts of the mind, each claiming the Truth. One says you are a spiritual being, the other says you are a physical being; each has a hold on the mind. One creates the light and the other creates the darkness.

The staff represents the mind. The mind is the Self’s messenger. It delivers information both to the Self and from the Self.

The caduceus is a long established symbol of commerce i.e. trade, business. It reveals the condition that is necessary in a person, if you want to control and profit from them. Control a person’s desires and you control their mind. They become your slave.

There are some people who have come to believe that the two serpents represent the DNA helix. You should never be surprised or seduced by the conclusions of the materialistic mind. What a tangled web they weave, when they practice to deceive.

The head of one serpent has to be crushed if there is to be any inner peace and spiritual freedom. The heads of both must be crushed for complete peace and complete spiritual freedom, but that would leave only awareness, Truth and will, that is, until Truth establishes perfect Love. It is then that the soul becomes, the way (Love), the Truth, and the Life (awareness of all).

The Genesis Secret

It is amazing how much Truth has been lost by the ignorant and hidden in plain sight by the selfish, take the story of Adam and Eve for instance, and it is amazing how much women have suffered because of one of the greatest deceptions ever. It was a deception used to make women the servants of insecure men, a deception that blamed women for the downfall of mankind; a deception that took away the self worth of women. I will reveal the full mystery of Eden later, but for now, you should listen and understand.

Adam represents the spiritual entity, and Eve represents the mind. The serpent represents desire. They say that God sees and knows everything, and then they say God didn’t see what was happening in the garden. Everything that happened there was meant to happen. As you will notice there is enmity (conflict) between desire and mind, and that which is born of each. It is also desire that is bruised (hurt) and it is the soul’s journey that is made difficult (bruised the heal).

Little faiths

I came into the world a free spirit, as we all do, and I found very few free spirits amongst those who were no longer little children. Of the free spirits that i found all were of the darkness and they had become the rulers of the earth. Their faith alone was complete and their path was chosen with certainty. It was the path of darkness, for they had crushed the head of the serpent of light.

It is said that ‘knowledge is power’, yet there is no power without faith in knowledge, and all knowledge has its opposite for there is truth and lies, there is knowledge of good and of evil. Those who deny truth also deny lies. Those who deny the existence of evil, also deny the existence of good. Without an opposite there is no need to choose. Without perfect faith, no choice can be permanent.

I came into a world ruled by the free spirits of darkness, and those who were not free, called them the elite and accepted them as masters. I saw those who would oppose the rule of the elite, but being of little faith, they had little power and could change nothing.

I have looked at the world and I have seen the suffering of those with little faith. I have seen their fear of the future. I have seen their struggle for inner peace, and I have seen the confusion cast in their minds to hide the Truth and confound understanding. Some give in and accept what is, and some cry out for a saviour, anyone or anything that will end their torment and bring peace to their soul.

Mankind has been pulled in a myriad of directions, each offering hope, yet freedom of spirit and its power are found in none of them.

This is the world I have found, a world of tormented souls following blind guides and heading for the ditch. When it is not possible to untangle a ball of string, it must be discarded and a new one given.

There are two ways to become a free spirit, but only one leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. All that I do is done for Love. Will you trust me to set you free?

Preparation for Purification

As I look at the world, I see all but the elite, standing at a fork in the path, and those standing there are being called by two voices, two desires. They go first along one path a short way and then return to the fork and go along the other path a short way, but they never go to the end of any path. This is because they fear what they may find or lose in doing so.

They stand in a place of uncertainty and incomplete faith, not really sure of what they are, or where they belong.

When desire is simply surrendered to, it becomes the Master of the soul.  When the fork in the path is reached, desire also is divided into two, and each becomes a Master to serve. As you Love one Master and serve it, you despise the other.

Desire arises because of knowledge, and opposing desires arise out of knowing the pleasures of both good and evil.

The fork in the road is the true place of the spiritual battle, that which is called Armageddon. It is there that the Christ mind battles the Satan mind. It is there that is found life or death, perfection or reincarnation, evolution or devolution. A saviour can only save those who choose to be saved.

Those who have Love and spiritual awareness are the Elect. They prefer the path of Love.

Those that have no Love or spiritual awareness are the Elite. They are without a conscience.

The mind can be likened to a field. Its knowledge can be likened to plants that are growing. There are 2 kinds of plants growing in it. The first is wheat which represents Truth, and the second plants are weeds which represent lies. Both produce seeds so that they may spread. The wheat represents the good seed that will be harvested for food, spiritual food that is. The weeds which represent lies, choke the wheat which is Truth, until it becomes stunted or hidden.

Now if you try to pull up the weeds before the wheat has ripened there is a good chance that it will be damaged or even killed, and so the weeds (lies) cannot be pulled up until the time of the harvest, when the wheat (Truth) is ripe. It is then that they can be separated.

The Truth belongs to the Christ consciousness, and the lies belong to the Satan consciousness, and so it is at the time of the harvest that the weeds (lies) are destroyed and the grains of wheat (Truth) are stored in the barn (the heart). The point is that all must be uprooted for separation.

The soul that has a greater faith and perception for Love and Truth will not let go of it, but when the lies are destroyed, the Satan consciousness will have nothing to feed on, and its desire will be ended also. The dark serpents head will have been crushed.

One of the greatest lies ever conceived by the Satan consciousness is that all things that give pleasure are things that are loved. In other words, Love and pleasure is one and the same thing, i.e. the same feeling.

All things have their effects, and so it is true to say that Love brings its own pleasure, owning a nice car or house bring its own pleasure too, but a house and car are not Love, they are things in their own right. One must see that there is a cause and an effect, and that there are many different causes of pleasure. Love is but one of them. Love is not a warm fuzzy feeling, but it can cause a warm fuzzy feeling. So can many other things, such as a bottle of wine. Do you see how people have been led to associate pleasure of all kinds with Love?

That which gives you pleasure is not always Love, there are those who kill and cause hurt for pleasure, and if you are to believe that they do it for Love, then there would be no Love, only pleasure and all things would be righteous.

If you had a young child and a million dollars, and your child went missing for 5 or 6 days, how much would you give for their return?

If you answered everything I have, then you know and have true Love.

If someone tried to take all of what you have in your mind, what would you not let go of? What would you refuse to give up, as everything else is put in doubt? Would it not be your Love for someone?

Are you ready for the harvest, your spiritual evolution, your perfection? Are you ready to become a free spirit standing in the light? If so, a greater Love than you have ever known awaits you.

Logion 2: Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All."

I will open the door, but freedom will remain your choice.

Born Innocent

  • What was it like for you when you came into the world?
  • I mean, as you lay there on your first day in this world, what did you know other than you had physical needs?
  • Did you understand what people around you were saying?
  • Did you understand what you were seeing?
  • Did you understand where you were?
  • Do you understand that your mind was like an empty cup?
  • Do you understand that without knowledge, there can be no evil intent?
  • Do you understand that because there was no evil intent, there was no darkness in you?
  • Do you understand that without darkness you were full of Light, innocent?
  • Do you realize that everyone’s life journey begins the same way, without exception?

I want you to go back in your mind to the time when your journey had just begun in this world. Back to the time when your free will was uncompromised. Back to the time when you knew nothing of the world and its ways and nothing of what was to come. See what you have lost. Go and look into the eyes of a contented child and see its innocence and the radiation of life from its free spirit. Now see what the world has done to you, and will do to that child because of the acceptance of the knowledge, authority and judgement, of the ignorant, selfish and forgetful.

You only have two teachers. One is the spirit and the other is the world. One has the wisdom of Love and one has the wisdom of the world.

  • For all the knowledge that you have acquired from the world, what good has it done you?
  • Has it made you a free spirit once more?
  • Are you happy and contented?
  • Are you going your way and not the way you are seduced by others to go?
  • Are you following your heart or conforming to the will of others?
  • Do you see the world that you came into, a world full of war, conflict, suffering, hypocrisy, deception, insecurity, selfishness and greed?

Everyone comes into the world innocent and they become filled with knowledge by those who have lost their innocence, peace, freedom of spirit and spiritual identity.

It is far more profitable to empty ones cup when it has been poisoned, for even one drop of poison in a cup makes the whole of the cup poison, and drinking from it can only result in suffering.

Prior to my enlightenment

Prior to my enlightenment I realised that I knew nothing of worth other than Love was the only thing that I knew to be true, the only cure that would end mankind’s suffering.

Of all the knowledge that we have, Love is the only thing that we can be certain of to free the spirit. Who can stand against it without being in the wrong?

I asked myself ‘is there a God?’ and in all honesty I realised that I had no proof. All I could find were the claims of other people that there was, and their apparent evidence came from the writings of other people. To make things worse, there seemed to be many versions of what God was, and what God demanded from mankind. There was no-one who could actually prove the existence of God. It was all mouth and no personal experience to give to others. So in honesty, I conceded that I just didn’t know for sure, one way or the other.

  • Have you got proof of God? Have you seen or met him personally?
  • Is a book or the word of someone else enough proof? If it is, then anyone can write a book and tell you that it's true, that is, if you either fear or favour what is being said.

Fear and favour are the tools of deceivers, and there are many deceivers in the world seeking profit from other people’s lives.

When we enter the world, we enter a game in progress, and we are expected to learn its rules. It is a game where everyone is expected to compete against everyone else. If everyone had the same knowledge and was fair and truthful, there wouldn’t be so much of a problem. However, it is well recognised that lying, cheating, deceiving and the use of force, which includes breaking the rules, gives a great advantage and brings great rewards.

As you can probably see, giving out false information and getting other people to believe it, is a very powerful and advantageous way of controlling people and getting what you want from them.

I realized that we are conditioned to do the will of others just as they were, even when it is against what is in our hearts, and it is because we are conditioned that we can find no peace or lasting joy. And so, I committed the greatest criminal act known to natural man, insurrection. I decided not to conform to the game anymore. The world could keep all of its knowledge, for what good had it done anyone. I had the knowledge of Love in my heart, and knowing of its Truth, I would live by it.

It is far better to take away a person’s suffering than to add to it. If you join the ignorant you become ignorant also.

A child brought up by Christians becomes a Christian. A child brought up by Muslims, becomes a Muslim, and both are set against each other.

If you want peace then choose it and do not take it away from others.

If you want Love then choose it and give it to others.

If you want freedom, then choose it instead of surrendering it.

The world is full of lies, but the heart filled with Love is full of Truth.

What God would seek the company of lies and the unloving?

When questioning ends, lies find a resting place, and it is lies that enslave the soul.

All that you know and believe has been told to you by others, and by your heart.

Every journey comes to an end. What do you want to look back and see? For there will lay the worth or worthlessness of all of your life and all of your suffering.

I ask for nothing. I need nothing. I am as I was made, a free spirit, because I chose to question, and I chose Love. This is your life, your will, your choices. You have no masters except for the ones that you surrender these things to. Take back what is rightfully yours and for which you alone are responsible for.