Salvation in Your Hands

It is said that people choose to believe in such things as an afterlife, heaven and reincarnation, because they fear death. It is also said that near death experiences (NDE) are the way that the conscious self deals with the impending permanent termination of awareness. This again suggests the fear of death, and an attempt to overcome that fear by denial.

So how true is it that spiritual beliefs arise out of the fear of death?

It was about a year before my enlightenment, that I was about to face the greatest threat to my life, but I would face it not with fear, and not simply with contentment, but rather I would embrace it with joy, because I expected an end to my awareness, the complete non-existence of the Self.

I had already dealt with and dispelled any fear of death completely. As for any belief in a God or an afterlife, well you could class me as an atheist at that time. Like many, I had sought empirical proof and found none. For me this life was all that there was, and I was content with that.

I had decided that I was going to enjoy what was left of it. To cut a long story short, I lost 2 stone in weight in 2 weeks with exercise. Then came a very stressful situation, and on top of that, I got the worst chest infection you could imagine, and I was in no condition to cope with it. Well I woke in the middle of the night, barely able to breath, and with crushing chest pain. It was a heart attack. I had no fear, and to be honest, I didn't care. I remember at the hospital being surrounded by nurses, and then my heart stopped completely. I was gone.

Well they managed to resuscitate me and I woke up some time later in a hospital bed being drip fed antibiotics. I poured with sweat for two days. I kept sitting up in a daze. I was out in 3 days and put on 7 tables a day for life, but since my enlightenment, I have had no need of medication. No, I didn't have an NDE. You may think that not having an NDE confirms that there is no life after death, but this is not the case. For now, I will say that if you enter a dark room, it doesn't mean to say there is nothing else in it. 

For some time after, my life was completely without meaning. I was just waiting for the end. Three weeks before my enlightenment, I found a reason to live. I had always been a loving soul, but now I would surrender my life to it completely. I would accept my true nature and just be me. It didn't matter what other people thought of me anymore. It didn't matter what I had or did not have. If you are not true to yourself, to your heart, then you are living a lie, a lie that requires masks to hide your true Self. I wasn't going to hide anymore. I reasoned that even without a God or an afterlife, Love was still the way. All logic and reasoning shows us this.

I had 3 weeks of blissful ignorance of the spiritual, full of confidence, full of life. Between now and the end I would live my life my way, and I would know that I lived in truth, and make the world a better place.

My enlightenment came as a shock. It was completely unexpected, I was stunned, and I know for certain that one day this will happen to every soul.

Living without Truth is easy. Living without guilt is easy, but no-one gets off that easy. It is not death that should be feared, it is the prospect of being sent back for another life journey, and I tell you that only Love, your own Love for others, will prevent this.

It is in returning to the world that you reap what you sow. In other words, you return to the world that you left behind. So think of the children yet to be born, and know that you may be one of them.

Salvation is in your hands, it always was. It is not the teacher that saves you, because by your own will you may accept or reject the teachings. A teacher can only show you the way. A teacher can only offer and demonstrate the Truth of their teachings.

Salvations only condition is unconditional Love.

I chose and preferred death as an end, but now I know that it is no more than another beginning. Let that beginning be in Heaven, the place of our birth.

Believe what you will, but believe in Love and all I have said to you will be proven.