Satanic Doctrines

If you wanted to rule over a community, or even a world with anything other than Love and Truth, then it can only be done through creating an atmosphere of fear and dependence.

There is no Love or Truth in the doctrines of those who control and dominate others, and sometimes this is very obvious. However, there are times when Love and Truth are mixed with these doctrines, but they are only borrowed things that tend to camouflage the true doctrines. In this case, Love and Truth are used for deception and the creation of confusion.

Where opposing doctrines are used together, those attracted by one of them will usually accept both as true without questioning either.

Such mixed doctrines have been used for both religious and political control of the masses. This is why both religious and political leaders have stood on common ground, serving the purpose of each other’s interests.

It is not hard to see the effect of mixed (adulterated) doctrines. For example, the leaders of a religion that claims to be of Love and Truth, will lead its followers to kill, hate, cause suffering, condemn, persecute, and do all manner of things that are in opposition to Love and Truth. The leaders may also preach austerity from their position of privilege and wealth. They may teach equality, while exalting themselves above others, and by creating dependency.

Political leaders are the other side of the coin. They speak of Love and compassion and act as if they care, as if they are servants also, and they too create fear and dependence in the masses to control them. They create laws and put themselves above the law. They are not there to serve, but to be served.

It is through fear and dependence that the world is being led blindly to a new world order, one religion, one political elite, one coin, two sides and that coin will be in one hand.

The first commandment in the Abrahamic religion, is to Love your God and yet they teach you to fear God.

Fear is hate, you cannot Love what you fear because it causes suffering. To fear God is to hate God.

They teach you that God demands servitude, and if it is not forthcoming, then you will suffer an incredible amount of suffering for an eternity in hell, and they teach you that your only escape is to join their organisation and do as they say.

They worship a god that is angry, vengeful, jealous, tyrannical, and egotistical, one prepared to cause unimaginable suffering to those who refuse to comply to its desires. Which of course are the attributes and desires of its teachers on earth. They are the desires of those, who for selfish reasons oppose Love, Truth, equality, unity and peace.

The god that they profess has risen from the satanic consciousness, the mind of animal man.

Love can only give of itself. Hate can only give of itself.

The leaders that I speak of, fear those that they control, they hate them. They fear that they will see the Truth and rebel, leading to the loss of control, and so they spread hate and confusion in the world. The thing that they fear the most is that you will no longer fear or depend on them; that you will become self realized and enlightened. They have burnt, destroyed and adulterated the knowledge that would set you free, and they have killed those who have found and dared to teach it.

The time of the end is almost upon the world, it is an end to freedom, a time of total control by the elite. In the past it was easy to hide from them, but soon there will be nowhere to hide.

The world is awakening and the elite are tightening their grip. Those awakening think they are safe, but the time is coming when these good fruit will stand out from the bad, and the good fruit will be discarded by the elite, leaving a world of slaves firmly rooted in fear and dependence.

What then can be done by the divided and conquered but to accept, and remain silent in their suffering, subservient to those who control religion, politics, science, education, psychology, the police and the military forces. They own every piece of the earth, they control all that you depend on, they own your children, and they will soon own you and then the whole of the world.

Is it too late? Take a look around you, see their eyes watching you. The watchers are here already, serving the fallen angels who are the elite. It is not too late for you or the world. It is better to stand condemned by the world than to be condemned by Love and Truth.

I have stood before our Father without shame or fear, and I have done this because of my faith in Love, and because I came to realize that I am not a material thing. I have no fear and I am independent. I serve because it is the Way of Love and Truth, to which no-one was ever a slave. There is one true God, a God of Love and Truth. Love was always the greatest commandment.