Stepping out of the Box

I had taken back full ownership and responsibility for my life, and I had stepped out of a great illusion, one that I had not even recognized previously. I had realized that we are all trapped in a game that was already in progress when we came into the world, but I also came to realize that that was only a part of the illusion. You see, there is also something called the collective consciousness, and that is the part of the illusion that has the greatest hold on us. It is a place that we fear to leave because to disconnect from it means being alone and relying on the Self. It is like going off into the wilderness to start a new life away from everyone, in search of peace and freedom.

Many dream of doing such a thing, but few ever have the courage or willpower to do so.

The collective consciousness is like a box that is full of other people’s influences, rules, and opinions, all demanding your compliance. It is a place of captivity where free thinking is frowned upon. It is a hive mind where resistance is futile. You can see the state of the collective consciousness by looking at the state of the world.

I have likened the collective consciousness to a box but a better description would be a coffin, a place of the dead.

Like many others the world was not a place that I wanted to be in. It seemed cruel, selfish, and full of conflict. But it was not this world that I had to escape from, it was from the collective consciousness.

So I stepped out of the box and into my inner kingdom. It would be better to live alone than to live in a world on fire, a world that I had very little say in, a world full of boundaries, a world that could corrupt even loving souls.

Freedom, but what next?

I had let go of all my attachments to the things that were outside of me, even my attachments to those that I loved. This was because I realized that attachments not only restrict our freedom, but also the freedom of the things we are attached to, including other souls. Whenever we make an attachment it is because we are seeking dependence on or control of what we attach to, either way we are seeking to captivate something. It is written in scripture that; ‘those who lead others into captivity must first go into captivity themselves’ ‘If you love someone let them go, if they love you they will return or stay’. I was free from the world to which I became a passer-by. I had taken my freedom, but what next? I had left the hive, but where would I go from here, what would I do with my life; what would I become? Well it all seemed so strange at first, but then I realized the answers to my questions; I would go where I wanted and do what I wanted to do with MY life, and I would become all that I wanted to be.

In a short space of time, I had escaped the captivity of this world, and I had become a free soul, but in that short space of time, something else had happened, and I guess it was made easy due to my unbreakable faith in Love. It was no less than my spiritual sacrifice, death and rebirth. I took back my throne and my kingdom. It was because of this that both myself and my kingdom became full of light. I became fully enlightened, and I want to tell you about that next.

Taking Back the Throne