The Spirit Speaks

You knew that this day would come, the day when the world that seemed so unchangeable and rigid in its course, would collapse. The illusions and deceptions that have only served to benefit those who are blind to the sufferings of others, shall be ended.

Prepare yourself for what will unfold, for in all of time there has never been, or ever will be again, days such as these.

There are those who believe they have conquered the world, that they rule mankind. Watch and see how easily their power is taken away and they are made the least, for those who have put themselves first, have made themselves last.

Those who have put themselves last and considered themselves as the least, have done so because of their faith in Love. Now comes their day, they are the first, for they are the closest to me. I have seen their journey and never was there a journey so difficult, but faith in Love has remained with them, and even though they have stumbled in the darkness their faith remained. Their suffering was my suffering; their tears were my tears; they were never alone.

A father does not rush to save the child who has found the safety of a boat, but rather he seeks first to rescue the one drowning in the stormy sea. You who are first know who you are, for you the world is not enough, it is that has taken you into the stormy sea and it is there that I have found you. You took nothing yourself of the precious love that you carry, but instead you sought only to give it to others.

Do not be deceived by false prophets that are in the world today, for I send no one of the flesh. I speak through and live in, the souls who have chosen Love above all things in creation. 

You are of Me, but not owned by Me, for when I gave you free will, I gave you your freedom. In My house, no one shall be the property of another, therefore I speak through no-one but by their free will. You will know My Words, by those who seek no profit or exaltation in the world.

Hear My Words and through these words become my returning sons and daughters, so that I may live in you and you in Me, then together WE will go home, for all that I have done and created was for the fulfilment of Love.

I have sent you the knowledge you need, so that you may know who you are and my reason for creation. Nothing shall be hidden from you when you stand in the Sacred Place. Do not fear me for I do not kill, destroy or punish, for those are the ways of the darkness and not of Love.

I am God your Creator, I AM LOVE

The Spirit Calls

The Light has come into the world, but many will turn away from it, preferring to live in the comfort of their illusions and what great suffering there will be when the illusions turn to dust.

There are those who say 'what is truth', 'there is only one life', 'take what you can for yourself'. If death from this world was an end to awareness, it would be a blessing indeed for those who have lived and acted according to that belief, for they will find no escape from life and in knowing they alone shall judge themselves, and take upon themselves a measure of sorrow, equal to the wrongs they have done to others.

These are the days of the harvest, when those who have Love and Truth will be gathered and guided the last few steps out of the darkness. Those left behind will inherit the world that they contributed to and they shall reap what they have sown, until they turn from the darkness to find themselves.

There is no escape from life, for if there were then who would be left in the world but those who have not suffered greatly? And what would be the worth of Love and Truth? What indeed would be the worth of any life?

Love, empathy, forgiveness and compassion were not created by the minds of men out of fear for survival, for these are things that have no meaning to those who seek only for themselves.

So come to me, those who know my voice, and let those who do not understand, remain in their illusions until they do. My door is open, it always was and you have been given the keys to find it, and the Love and Truth to enter it.