The Way It Is

A child that is born into this world, is born onto someone else property and all through its life it cannot put a foot down on even an inch of ground, that doesn’t belong to someone else. So you work your fingers to the bone to buy a house, thinking that you own a piece of this earth, it is your castle, your place of refuge. Then one day you get a letter from the authorities, saying we need your property, here is a fair offer, you have no choice but to surrender what you thought was yours. All that you ever really had was permission to occupy the land, until the authorities decided otherwise. Ownership is the indisputable right of possession, and so you realise that you never owned what you thought was yours.

If you lived in a remote jungle far from civilisation, on land that your ancestors had lived on for thousands of years, you would think that you had rights to continue living there, but when the government decides to give that land to a mining company, you find yourself evicted by those who claim ownership.

Every inch of the earth is in the hands of the elite. It is ownership claimed by deceit and force, taken by murder and oppression. There is nowhere to go, except by the will of the elite, all that you do is under their control, and you ask, ‘why is the world the way it is?’

So you have children. They are created by you, born of your flesh, a part of you and you think that they are yours and your responsibility until they can become independent. You think that is your right to guide and protect what you gave birth to, in the way that you see fit. You are caring, loving and protective of what is yours, you alone are in control of your child’s life and upbringing right? Not according to the authorities, who claim that your children are their ‘property.’ You do not agree with the authorities, as they request that you take your child for vaccinations that are suspicious, or you do not agree with what they are teaching your children at school, so you resist and teach them a home. It is then that your children are taken from you or you are forced to comply with their requests. Your children are indoctrinated to comply with the system of control laid down by the elite, a system that teaches them to compete to dominate and even kill, to be selfish, and to be subservient to the authorities, who are in turn subservient to the elite and the wheel keeps turning.

So you feel the oppressiveness of the world, you see how wrong things are, and you yearn for freedom, for reason in all the madness, for salvation. You turn to religion, and again you find the elite, again you live in fear, again you are made to feel wrong, worthless and subservient and you wonder why the world is like it is.

You search for Love and Truth, for a reason to exist, and the predators, pretenders and deluded hold out their hands to you, and but for a few grains of Truth they are empty. So you struggle on, living in hope that someday your chains will be broken, hoping to find the Truth that has been so cleverly hidden by the elite.

Now another day has come, another message of hope, another promise that your suffering will end. This time it is 2012, and you do not see that the elite are once more playing for time, to complete their every quickening plan for complete control or your mind and actions, of which they have so much already. They found you long before you found yourself, they know your mind and its effects upon you, better than you do. Yes, they conspire to steal even that property.

How do you overcome such power of darkness? You were told but did not listen. Come to know yourself and take back control of what is truly yours alone, yourself and your domain. Let go of the world, and take away the authority that you have surrendered because you were deceived. Know that you are perfect and that perfect knowledge is within you. Open your heart and let Love and Truth flow freely, for in your suffering is righteousness, your freedom. ‘I AM my own,’ should be your cry of freedom. ‘Take all that you want, I am a child of God, I need nothing of the world. All that I have of worth, my treasure, is stored where it cannot be stolen, in Heaven’.

As the darkness burns the Light grows stronger.

Now you know why, the world is the way it is, and the way that it can be.