The Deceivers

A soul is only as powerful as the knowledge that it contains, and the greatest knowledge is that of the soul itself, for in that spiritual knowledge, are all the secrets of human behaviour. If someone knows you better than you know yourself, then they hold an unseen power over you, against which you are defenceless, they come like a thief in the night, as the masters of your dreams and nightmares until you awaken, and learn the secrets within.

Those with the unseen and undeclared power are the cause of all the inequality in the world.  Mankind has been taught to compete rather than share, and through that competing they are divided and live in mistrust, fear and envy of each other.

It is those with the unseen and secret knowledge, who have created the causes of mankind?s suffering throughout history. The last thing that these dominating souls will tell you or want you to find, are the secrets that allow them to fulfil their own desires through the manipulation of others.

There have been souls throughout history who have attained their spiritual evolution through enlightenment and in doing so, they have seen things the way that they truly are, nothing was hidden from them. They are the souls that brought light into the world teaching others the secrets of the soul, knowing that it was where mankind?s intended destiny lay.

As you can imagine, those who gained wealth and power through the misuse of secret knowledge, did not want their secrets shared with others, because that would have brought equality into the world. I think you are intelligent enough to realise that they took steps to ensure that people were led away from knowing themselves and the secrets of the spiritual that lay within.

Of course none of the soul dominators believed or believe in a higher power as their superior, or indeed in love for one another, and so to them all things were and are permissible. To them, the only life with value was their own, and the lives of the ones that they could use to fulfil their desires. Now you can see the real reason why we have wars, famine and disease; they are seen as a means of making a profit to increase the wealth and power.

I will lift the veil and teach everyone the secrets of the soul that have been hidden by the spiritually dead. I will also reveal secrets of the spiritual realms, and I will guide you to the Sacred Place of enlightenment that has been made so difficult to find. There you will experience perfect love, know all truth, and stand as an innocent child in the presence of your creator; there you will experience your Spiritual Evolution and you will know that you were never alone and were always loved.