The Ultimate Question

There is one question to which, if the answer is found and proven, will decide which side will win, in this most ancient of battles for world domination. The end is being played out even as you read these words.

The ultimate question is, 'Is there a God?' It is a question that, in the past, the answer has been less searched for with honest reasoning, and more advocated with the use of violence and force.

Is there a God? Was all that we see created or is everything, even life, no more than the result of chance permutations in an infinite field of chaos that existed before the Universe?

For my part, I have had the question answered for me. I have been shown the irrefutable Truth. It is a Truth not conceived out of faith in preference. What I believe and know has come from personal experience. For me, the whole of reality has been laid open and clear, and it is beauty and perfection that goes far beyond the insufficient logic and reasoning of man, far beyond religion and science, which is contaminated by ego and a consciousness confined by a deficiency of honesty, and an excess of fear and illusion.

I ask you not to merely accept what I say, but rather to consider and question, so that you may find and recognise the Truth for yourself. I have my proof of God, you are yet to go beyond faith in personal preferences and find your proof through personal experience. It is my mission to help you.

The battle that I speak of is the spiritual battle, it is played out between those who believe they are spiritual entities, and those who believe they are physical entities, and here lay the two paths followed by mankind. If the way to proceed were no more than a respectful debate in search of Truth between honest and open minds, then a conclusion may have been reached long ago, but instead, there are those who have tried to force their beliefs on others in the most arrogant, unjust, deceitful and unloving ways possible. There are even those who see the battle as a means of profiting materially.

The search for Truth has all too often been put aside in preference for the search for personal wealth and power. Some people cannot even face the Truth when it threatens the beliefs that they have invested so much time and effort in, and of course there are those whose pride is more important than Truth, they are more ashamed of being seen as wrong than of denying the Truth.

On one side we have those of the spirit and on the other, those of the material. There are the most powerful on each side, and in the middle is the rest of the world, being pulled both ways, and living in uncertainty. We must look closely at what is being proclaimed as Truth, and what is not being disclosed.

There is no doubt that religion has been put on shaky foundations by Atheists who are using science as a weapon. But just as in religion, it is not what they tell you, but rather what they don't. Both sides are full of hypocrisy and theories based on personal preferences that meet their desires. You must learn to step back, and question beyond what they tell you, rather than accept what seems to fit.

The latest claims to come from the scientific Atheist community, have come in a newly published book called 'The Grand Design', co-authored by US physicist, Leonard Mlodinow and the eminent British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkins. It claims 'God did not create the universe', and 'the Big Bang was an inevitable consequence of the Laws of physics.'

It also claims, 'Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing.' Hawking says 'Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists and why we exist'

I would like to point out what has not been said, or apparently even considered in the construction of the above theories.

1. If the Universe came into being because of the laws of physics, (notably gravity), then the formation of the Universe must have occurred somewhere along the line between the infinite past, and the infinite future. If the laws of physics (notably gravity) had always existed, then why was the Universe so late in its beginning? What triggered the 'Big Bang' when it occurred? And what prevented it happening much earlier? What decided the moment?

2. To propose that something came from nothing is to deny the laws of physics, and is scientific heresy, because it denies the law of cause and effect in proposing that laws (namely gravity), came into being without a cause. It would appear the Atheists are now claiming that the first cause is gravity, which is self-begotten, which makes it their Father of creation and their god.

Science is the study of the tree of knowledge. Its students find a comfortable branch to perch on. Every branch has its end, its last leaf. To know one's branch is to know only a part of the tree. To know the roots is to know all. It is materialists who search in the branches, while the spiritualists try to make their way to the roots. As I look at the spiritual community, I see many who have abandoned their search, preferring to sit on their chosen branches in the sun, and they call out to others, proclaiming they have found paradise and Truth. In reality, they have only found a place of comfort that will last as long as the season, or until they are dislodged by their opponents.

Established religions in many cases, have become so infected by materialism that they are barely recognisable as spiritual or of Love and Truth. You can hear the cry of Satan everywhere 'You are either with us or against us'. 'It is a sin to question what we tell you', 'We will have our reward and you will suffer in the fire.'

I see only oppression, fear and hate, along with the condemnation of being unworthy and sinful to those who do not comply. I see no Love, only pride and selfishness along with hypocrisy.

Those who will not tell you the Truth that will set you free (even from their control and condemnation) either do not have the Truth or are afraid of it.

Far too long the cry has gone out to believe or to suffer and be killed in the name of their gods. Far too long the spirit has been silenced or led astray. Who knows Truth but those with Love and the courage to question beyond fear.

An Atheist will say 'If God created everything, then who created God?' Not realising that the same applies to their theories. If the laws of physics created everything, what created the laws?

Is there a God?

You should consider that there has been an infinite past, and there will be an infinite future. What circumstances then, chose the birth of the Universe at a specific point along the line of infinity, if not God? The material has no will of its own and can do nothing but accept its condition and exist. It cannot cause a change to its destiny, and the Universe was a change to what was.

Had the laws of reality always existed, then so would the Universe, and if consciousness was a result of those laws, then it would have always existed. It can be proven that the Universe had a beginning in the not too distant past, and so something must have interfered with the status quo, to cause its formation to begin. What then, if it was not something independent of the laws of physics?

Only consciousness has the power to alter the destiny of what is unchangeable by its own accord, therefore it is by the will of consciousness that the Universe was set in motion. That first consciousness is God.

I saw an apple fall from a tree

and it would have hit the floor

but I decided to change its course

so I caught it and ate it for sure

It is God who changed the inevitable, and we can also, with Love and the Law of Life.