It is recommended that you first read the article ‘Mind over matter’, which is in the section titled: ‘Spiritual Science’.


First of all I want to make it clear that I am not anti-science, but I am against science that is misused by the few in pursuit of personal wealth and power over others. As with all science it can be used for good or evil, for example:


Nuclear science has been used for good, but it has also been used to make the most devastating of weapons.


Biological science has been used for good, but it has also been used to create biological weapons.


It is the same with all scientific discoveries, i.e. if it can be weaponized it has been, and we can include also psychology, which is soul science.


Transhumanism is just another branch of science that will be used by the few, in their pursuit of wealth and power over the rest of mankind. The damage that can be done to mankind will far outweigh any benefits.


Transhumanists are concerned with enhancing human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. The part that you should be very concerned about is their ever increasing ability to hack the brain, which is on the physical side of the mind/brain interface.


Hacking the brain and controlling its signals gives direct access to the information sent by the mind. It also creates the ability to send information to the mind, this includes any information that the one hacking the brain chooses to send.


Hacking the brain is like hacking a computer and taking control of the information that the computer user (you) receive. In other words, the self’s perception of reality can be controlled and altered.


If you can manipulate a brain, you can manipulate the mind. If you manipulate the mind, you can manipulate the person.


There is no doubt that many in the world today are subject to mind control and have not even realized what is happening to them. What do you think will happen when someone can take full control of their brain?


Hacking someone’s brain gives them the ability to either control that person’s physical senses, or to bypass those physical sense altogether.


When they have learned how to hack the brain completely, then conditioning and brain washing will be a simple task for the hacker.


Imagine being able to create in someone’s mind, pain, pleasure, fear etc., or to input whatever knowledge you choose. Imagine being able to override someone’s memories with new ones, imagine taking control of someone’s emotions.


Imagine a world full of slaves, obedient to the few, i.e. the Elite. Imagine not being able to resist or rebel.


Is there any way to defend yourself? Yes, come to know yourself, and take full control of your inner kingdom before some else does.


What do you think the Elite will do with the power to hack the brain?


Transhumanism could be of great benefit to mankind but Love would be a far greater benefit.


Mankind has become so dependent on science, yet a single EMP flare from the sun, could wipe out everything they have depended on in a single moment. Those who have striven to become Gods through transhumanism, will be seen for what they are; the least human, and the most disempowered. They see the reward but not the price for it.


Love and blessings,