I was looking back on my life journey today, as many of us do from time to time, but this time is different from how I used to see things in the past. If I ever needed proof of miracles, then I need look no further than what loving souls have endured and overcome, because for all their trials they still have the Spirit of Love that they came into the world with.

Life for loving souls in this world is a continuous battle, a continuous struggle against the temptation to become unloving so that they can become successful in acquiring the pleasures that the world has to offer.

How can we as loving souls, remain true to our nature when the world can offer so much pleasure for playing by its rules? We find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, between the invisible force of Love that restrains us, and the desires of the world.

We find ourselves at times, torn both ways and whichever way we choose we suffer for our choice, either with guilt or a sense of being a failure and worthless.

It is times like these that we rebel against our nature, but what we gain from the world by denying our Love, always seems tainted and wrong, and we always end up sorry and carrying guilt for what we see as mistakes, and those mistakes can haunt us for a lifetime if understanding is not found. What we have to realise is that if we knew then what we know now, our choices would have been different.

I have looked at the world and seen many wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I have at times, been a sheep in wolves clothing, but I always knew that I was being false, and I felt the shame of my deception. I have looked at the actions of some who have no Love and I have been stunned by their coldness, not being able to understand how they could be that way, and I have felt alone in a world that was alien to me.

It is peace that we all seek in life, but that peace can only be found when we are true to our nature, whether that nature be of the Spirit or materiality. There is no peace in serving both of these masters, and it is our nature that becomes our master. For loving souls on their journey to perfection, peace can only be found in Love. For those of the material nature, peace can only be found on their journey to perfection, in their wealth and power over others, a way that is doomed to failure because of the endless competition with others of the same nature, and because it is a lonely and destructive path.

There have been countless times in my life when I have loved those who hurt me, yet I had no Love for myself. I have cried out for Love because in truth, it is all I ever wanted, but instead of Love, I was taken advantage of and used. Many loving souls become confused and feel lost. Some turn to alcohol, gambling, pleasures of the flesh, and even drugs in an attempt to find solace and to ease the pain, but such remedies never give a cure and things are only made worse, as guilt is piled upon guilt and stored. Some just give up and wait for the end, while others find life too much to bear.

It is a hard life for loving souls and for some, it is harder than others, but for all that they have endured, there is one message; ‘look into your heart, the Love is still there and the Spirit still calls to you’. It is the Spirit that you are becoming a perfect image of, the Spirit that you are, your True Self. You are that Love, a true part of God. For all that you have endured, you are still standing. It is you who are the elect, the ones who came into the world to bring the Light. It is not what you have done in your past that matters, but what you are now, because of your remembrance of the Word.

You came into the world on a mission, be true to your nature and complete it. It is you who are the unbreakable, the elect, God’s children who are sent to create Heaven on earth, you are my family and you were never alone and always loved.

Forgive all that children of lesser gods have done to you in their ignorance and forgetfulness, for that is the way of Love, and in that forgiveness, know that you are forgiven. They are as children who are still learning, whereas you have graduated to become teachers.

You must Love yourself for Love that you carry, just as you would Love another loving soul, for in the heart is found the true worth of anyone. Give yourself credit for what you have achieved and overcome. Forgive yourself for the things that you did when you were still awakening, things that you would not have done if you understood then what you understand now. Love can only give Love, give some back to yourself.

There may have been times when you felt different, you may have even questioned whether Love was a blessing or a curse, well you are different to others, and that difference for all the suffering it has brought you, has taken you closer to perfection, and to God.

A life journey is very short, make peace with yourself, reject condemnation, and be all that you can be. We will stretch our hands out across the world to each other, and we will stand as one for Love and Truth, for this is what we are, the unbreakable that is of God.

You will live forever, let it be with Love and Truth.

Love and peace