What Am I?

Pieces of knowledge are like pieces of a puzzle.

The completed puzzle represents the Truth that will set you free. 

If we represent the correct pieces in their correct places as white pieces, and the incorrectly placed pieces, along with the spaces where pieces are missing as black, we will have something that represents the mind, and the amount of Truth within it.

When the puzzle is complete the whole and true picture is seen, and the mind becomes enlightened, and within the completed puzzle is found the Self’s true image, and the knowledge that makes you free.

I would consider it a privilege to help you in your quest to complete your puzzle, and so for those who are open, I offer the pieces that you need, because without them the mind is divided between light and darkness.

What is a soul?

When I speak of the soul, I am referring to a trinity, 

(3 components that make up 1 system). 

This trinity called the ‘soul’ is comprised of the following:

1.     The Self which is a spiritual being

2.     The Mind

3.     The knowledge contained in the mind

Imagine the Self as being like a pearl inside a bubble.

What is the Self?

The Self or that which we refer to as ‘I’, is also a trinity because it has 3 abilities, which are: Awareness, Desire and Will.

We can represent them like this:

The Self and the Mind

The Self is not the Mind; they are two distinct and separate things, each existing in their own space. 

The Self interacts with the Mind, but the Self is not the Mind. The gardener interacts with the garden, but the gardener is not the garden, neither is he the things that grow therein.  

The Self interacts with the Mind to such a degree that it creates the illusion of the Self and the Mind as being one and the same thing, but Self Realization ends this illusion.

What is Awareness?

Awareness is the Self’s ability to recognize a change in its state. This of course refers to the Self’s vibrational state.

It’s like creating a film strip with one frame for each moment of your journey and being aware of the present and the previous frame at the same moment, thereby realizing the change. 

To do this, the Self must remember its previous state and compare it to its present one.

Feelings are vibrational states

It is the vibrational states of the Self that the Self interprets as feelings. To feel is to know.  I feel therefore I am. To feel only the Self’s existence requires detachment from all other distractions. 

It is in the stillness of mind that the Self becomes known to the Self.

Interaction with the world and the thoughts and images it creates in the mind, result in a continual change in the Self’s vibrational state and so the Self becomes hidden from the Self, because attention is placed on that which is outside of the Self.

The purpose of meditation is to achieve a single unchanging state of the Self’s vibration, a state of unaffected existence. It is called simply 'being' or 'at one' with the Self.

“You can bring all the thoughts and images that you want in front of me. I’m really not bothered, I don’t care. Alternatively, you could say to yourself; “I am still”.

Only the Self exists in the space that it occupies.

Even in meditation when the mind becomes empty, the Self is still in a state of awareness, and a state may be achieved where awareness becomes aware of awareness. In other words, the Self becomes Self aware. Self realization is a blend of Self awareness and the knowledge of the Self’s true nature as a spiritual being that exists separate from all that is outside of the space that it resides in.

The Power of the Self

The Self’s natural vibrational state is very high. It is a state of peace, and above that is the state of pleasure.

When the Self’s vibrational state falls below its natural vibrational state of peace, the Self begins to feel hurt, due to the energy lost in trying to resolve conflict in the mind. 

The lower the Self’s vibrational state is, the greater the hurt that is felt.

When the Self is in its natural vibrational state, it expends very little energy and it does this without effort.

When the Self is in a higher state of vibration, it is charged with the energy of positive thoughts and images.

When the Self’s vibrational state falls below its natural state, the Self has to begin expending energy, and the lower that the vibrational state goes, the more energy is used and this of course, leaves less energy to actually deal with whatever problem has caused the lowering of the vibrational state. The only solution in this case, is to let go, find the place of peace in the natural vibrational state and deal with the problem from there. Realizing that you can only do what is possible for you to do.


To ‘know’ is to be aware of - to be ‘aware’ is to feel - knowledge affects feelings.

Knowledge may be felt without seeing it in thoughts and images, as in intuition. It is also how you recognize Truth because you feel it.

Desire is the Self’s requirement for a change in its vibrational state, in other words, desire is the Self’s requirement for a change in the way that it feels.

When the Self puts its own feelings last so that it may do good for others, it is divine desire; a loving sacrifice.

When the change in the Self’s vibrational state/feeling can be achieved without causing an adverse effect on other spiritual beings or the Self, it is rightful desire as it causes no harm.

If the Self acts to change its vibrational state/feeling, knowing that it will have an adverse effect on other spiritual beings, then it is wrongful desire.

It can be seen that there are 3 forms of desire.

a.      Desire that is loving and truthful (Good)

b.     Desire that does not affect others (Neutral)

c.      Desire that causes hurt and conflict between the Self and others (Evil)

All desire is activated by the awareness of what is felt, and the knowledge of what may be felt. If you were in a state of peace and had no memories (knowledge) of any other state, then there would be no desire to change your state.

Desire is the animator of the Self.

The Self is the animator of the mind.

The mind is the animator of the physical body.

Without desire the Self would not search for that which would change its state; it would simply exist in ignorance. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a restraint that binds. 

To desire is to reveal the Self’s discontentment and its loss of peace.

The fulfilment of desire brings contentment and peace but for only a short time, because of the conflict with other peoples’ desires that are different. There can be no peace in the world while there is the struggle between good and evil desires. We can either follow the same path, united in what is good and right for everyone, or we can live in conflict, killing and deceiving each other, to fulfil our own desires that disregard the feelings of others, but we must realize that what we do to others, gives them permission to do to us. There is an end to each path, and what is sown will surely be reaped. It is loving souls that must show the way, regardless of what suffering they may have to endure in this world, knowing that only through Love is conflict between souls ended.

It is the head of the serpent that represents evil desire that must be crushed and this can only be achieved with the desire for Love and Truth.


There is a romantic teaching in the world that says ‘we are all one’. I find it difficult to understand how people can believe this, given the amount of conflict in the world, and I think that you should realize that this is another assault on the reality of individuality and the Self’s uniqueness. It is part of the veil that hides the Self from the Self. If we were ‘all one’ we would all have the same desire, and we would all be equals, responsible for the actions of everyone else, but we are not, we are responsible only for our own actions. If we were all one, we would all share the same space and know each other’s thoughts.

What I do is by my own will, what you do is by your will. We are separate and free willed individuals. To say that we are all one is like trying to hide in the crowd. Only I experience my consciousness, my thoughts, my life. We are not all one, but we can act as one, stand as one, have the same desires, but we are still individual and occupy a separate space from each other.

The only way that we can say we are ‘one’ is in the understanding that we are all parts of the ALL. All parts of reality, which has many forms.

Desire is the motivation to act; will is the action.

The act of will is the attempt to fulfil desire, by changing what is affecting the Self’s vibrational state.

The stronger the desire, the greater the willpower.

Belief/Faith releases the full power of will; doubt restricts it. Have faith in your Love, which is the giver and the guardian of the Truth that you have and know you are the indestructible and eternal that has become as one, with the indestructible and eternal Love and Truth and therein is found your true power.