What Does is Mean to be Free?

‘And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’.

What is this freedom spoken of, this freedom that I found?

I tell you in Truth that it is freedom from dependency, for who can say they are free while they are dependent? Dependence is need, and so to be dependent on each other amounts to the needy being dependent on the needy.

You have heard it said, ‘Perfect Love is unconditional Love.’ This means that those who Love perfectly, do not depend upon its return to do so. How else could we Love our enemies or do good things to those who do not do good things to us? Before we as immortal spiritual beings, came into the world, we needed nothing of the world, and it will be the same when we leave the world, for we can take nothing that is of it.

When we come into the world we take on a physical body, and when we forget our true identity, we think that we are dependent on that physical body for our life. How then can you know the true freedom of an independent spiritual being? If you are dependent you are not in control of what you depend on, someone or something is, therefore your freedom is compromised.

Fear arises out of the threat of losing what you believe you depend on, and such fears have always been used for the purposes of controlling others. The Key to freedom is independence therefore, evil is the man who withholds the key to another man’s freedom for selfish reasons.

Independence is a word and a teaching that was scrubbed out of the Bible and other religious texts, and replaced with conformity through fear so that the few could benefit from the dependence of the many.

If God wanted to frighten people into submission, then the world would surely know about it considering all that is happening in it.

If God was as they portray Him, then God would be dependent on man, and therefore needy and not free.

If God did the things that they say, such as roasting the physical bodies in a lake of fire and inflicting with all manner of eternal torment, (not to forget killing almost every person and creature on earth by drowning) then this God that they propose would be the greatest sinner of all against Love and righteousness. Such a god is a false god, and a projection of man’s basic animal instincts. It is not the true God that they speak of, but rather it is the Satan within.

It is said that God is Love (1 John 4). How then is it possible for one who is perfect in Love to do what is obviously incredibly opposed to Love? Love can only give of itself. I will teach you the meaning of, ‘God is Love’ elsewhere in an article entitled ‘Love Is’.

The price of dependency is loss of freedom. Have you ever stopped to consider how dependent others have made you? Try writing a list and see how much freedom you have lost.

I have seen people who are homeless and surviving on food they find in dumpsters at the rear of shops, and I tell you in Truth that such people are freer than the wealthy man who lives down the road in a nice house. Many people now dream of owning a house in the country with enough land to become self-sufficient and independent. This is the natural way that mankind lived throughout most of history, but sadly now most have lost their freedom and have become totally dependent on an unnatural system, a system that benefits the few with the greatest power and wealth, a system that is collapsing. Many are simply prisoners of the system, and in servitude to it without any means to escape. Can you go back to your roots as a free human being, living off the land, with no-one interfering with your God given rights, or being made to pay rent or taxes? The world was never the property of the few, it was made for all to share. Now the few think they own everything and that the world and your life is theirs to command. This is what happens when people exchange their freedom for dependency, thinking they will gain more of the things of the world and have an easier life. But the few will not rest until they have taken everything. Man who do they think they are? They have built a web of deceit, and all who are caught in it are dependent. They have set people against each other, and each competes to trade for the favours of the few. Even in relationships, people have been made dependent on their partner for favours and acceptance.

If you Love someone, set them free, if they return then you know that their Love is perfect and true. Let those who have power over others, renounce it.

I Love everyone, it is not the way of Love to make others indebted, but rather to free them from debt by sharing freely what was given to me. My reward is your freedom and happiness, for these things are only found in Love and Truth. I took my freedom by letting go of the world, and realizing that I had no ownership of anything except my soul. I declared my independence and stepped out of the game, becoming a passer-by to those who would steal my freedom. A master conforms only to his own will.

Love is the greatest form of worship. It is given freely and without dependency. Love one another and let your Love be perfect.

Love and peaace