Who are they, those who are referred to as the Illuminati or elite? What is the great secret that empowers them to rule over the world? What is it that they have that the rest of mankind seems to be without? If I told you, would you have the courage to take such power? What would you do with it?

As we look back in history we see the scars on humanity, left behind by those who have wielded such power, the suffering that they caused and even today are causing, is almost immeasurable. Only one in the last 2,000 years has used the great power for good, only one has found the way back to the place of their spiritual birth. His teachings were naturally a threat to the Illuminati/elite, and so they took control of the teachings and by the use of omissions and additions, the teachings were clouded by deceit, which lead to false interpretations and the Illuminati/elite became not only safe, but even more greatly empowered to control others with impunity.

What is it that people have searched for, if not the power to change their lives, a power that has been so cleverly hidden, a power that people have been so blinded to, that all they are left with is a search for remembrance. How can they find what they cannot see, even when it is before their eyes?

When you came into the world you came with free will and you expressed your will with total freedom. Though you were only a little child, your actions controlled the actions of those around you, who submitted their will to do yours. They put their own needs and comforts aside to attend to yours. This was your power, the power of free will. As a child you knew nothing of the world and the full power of your will was intact, but as you grew you realised that you were dependant on others for your needs, and because of this you had no choice but to submit your will and conform to the will of others. This conditioning to conform is what is taken advantage of in later life, it is how people are made to do what they hate, and live a life that they find no pleasure in.

It is written that you must become as little children, your will must take precedence in life, but not only this, you see, as a child your needs were few. Food, water, shelter and the love of others were all you needed. How much does a growing child really need to experience happiness? How much did you need? How much free will, peace and happiness are now traded for possessions, possessions that must be competed for?

There is greater yearning than you have imagined, in the collective consciousness, for a return to a simpler life and to be self sufficient.

People conform to the will of others because they feel dependant on them for their needs, because they fear the consequences of not complying or because they feel inferior. It always ends up with the oppressed relinquishing responsibility for their own lives to others. Those who do the will of others, while pretending it is their own will also, when it is not, are being deceitful and living a lie. How then can they know true happiness?

The power of the Illuminati/elite is willpower enforced with psychology and science. It is their will that is done in the world. The world is the way it is because the rest of mankind has been deceived into surrendering their will. The Illuminati/elite have no power except for that given freely to them. This poison permeates the lives of everyone. The domination and submission of will, instead ofrespect for the will of others, while retaining one's own will, is the cause of many unhappy relationships. People are drawn into hiding behind the false images that they present to others. People are afraid to show their true colours, afraid to say and show what is in their heart, and it is sustained by the suppression of free speech and attaching negative labels to people.

There is no greater power than will, without which freedom cannot be known, a servant has a choice, a slave has none, therefore only slaves have selfish masters.

If you are not the master of your own destiny, then someone else is and you go where you are taken, not where you want to go.

There can be no peace in the world while there is inequality. There can be no equality while there is competition. Where there is competition, there is a propensity to deceive. Where there is deception there is mistrust. Where there is mistrust there is no security. Where there is no security, there is conflict and war to regain security. Security is regained through the domination of the will of the opponent.

The Illuminati/elite have the dominating force of will. It is made supreme because so many have submitted their will, to be in accordance with the will of the Illuminati/elite.

Is this the game that you want to play? That you want your children to play? Is this what you want to do? Is this how you want to live, wounded by the criticism of those who have no compassion or understanding, told your place and your worth by those who exalt themselves above others and are vain and full of pride?

Those who hear me know that they came into the world with a mission. It is time to turn from the sub-mission, the one that the world deceived you into fulfilling.

Listen and understand

You were sent into the world with your God given free will, to learn from experience, and to come to your own conclusions about what you believe to be right and wrong, of which the world is full of evidence. You were set free to do as you please, to do your own will, without the intervention of God. If it were not so, God would profit nothing but the servitude of slaves, compelled to relinquish any responsibility for their own actions and there would be no sin in the world. The very existence of sin in the world, is evidence enough of God's gift of free will and lack of intervention. You will not find God in the world.

It is written that 'when you come to know yourself, you will become known,' only then will God intervene in your life, and even then, only because it is what you desire. Only when your will becomes the same as God's will, are you allowed to enter God's kingdom, a place of Love. Yourwill must not be influenced by fear of punishment, or by the expectation of reward. If it were, then your will would have been compromised. It is not about conformity, but rather about sincerity and compatibility, but in having known Love, you know this already.

Every person in the world has the same chance of knowing God and returning to God's kingdom, even if they have never heard of God. This is because a person's will concerning the way to treat others, and a person's Love for others, can be achieved in the absence of spiritual knowledge. If it were not so, then God would be unjust.

There are many who speak of God's Love, compassion, forgiveness and fairness as being infinite or the greatest, and then they begin to place restrictions on those things. There are many who claim to know and speak for God, but in truth, they never knew or were known by God. They are the blind teachers who interpret scriptures based only on their worldly knowledge. As was said in the teachings of Jesus and is relevant to Abrahamic religions today; they search the world for a convert, and when they find one, they make him twice as damned as before. How many do you see proclaiming that they have known God personally? Yet they search the scriptures for salvation, while offering it others.

There is so much that I want to say, so much that I desire to tell you so that your life is not lived in vain, a life given to hopes that are false. I want so much to end your suffering, I want you to know God, but these things will not be done by my will or by the will of God, they must be done by your will.

A person cannot come to know themselves until they can judge themselves with complete honesty. There is no shame in the acceptance of Truth, and if one learns from that Truth, then self forgiveness follows. It is those who are unloving and without understanding that are unforgiving. God judges only whether a soul is worthy of entry to God's kingdom, or is not yet ready. You must make yourself ready.

It is the way of those who would rule over others, to make people dependent upon them, whether it be through politics or religion. They claim to hold your physical welfare and even your salvation, yet if you truly believe that you are an immortal soul, that your physical body is no more than the soul's clothes and that Love is the Way, then what is to be feared, what is to be done other than your will?

This is your life, only you are responsible for yourself. There is nothing between you and God's kingdom that you cannot remove. Stop playing the game and if your will becomes the same as God's will, which is Love, then God will find you.

Take a look at the world and ask yourself, who wills it this way? It was said to the disciples, do not lie to yourself and do not do what you hate, for these are the things that cannot be hidden. God knows your heart and to God, the rest is irrelevant. God does not watch everything that you do, or invade your mind, judging you on every thought. How loving would such an invasion of privacy be? And how loving is it to cause a person to be paranoid? Such things would be an extremely powerful method of control, and a suppression of free will.

If you take a look at the unfinished pyramid which is a symbol of the Illuminati/elite, then you will now see that it is a pyramid of willpower.

It has been prepared for the fallen angel, whose will is to dominate all others on earth. This is a being that found enlightenment in God's kingdom, and chose to rule the world instead. The anti Christ is here, but so am I. Loving souls do not measure and divide the power of others amongst themselves and loving souls do not carry an olive branch in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Let those who have ears hear

Let your will be done, for in it you will find the pleasure of power, whether it be of the darkness or the Light, but be sure of this, the Light will lead you out of the world and is the path to home, and the darkness will keep you in the world, the Light will end your suffering, and the darkness will store it for the future. Was it not written that we reap what we sow?

Those of you who carry Love in your hearts, you have truth also, and your desire for a life of peace, Love, equality and unity is known. It is God's will, it is my will, and it is the will of all God's children who have come of age.