Travel Ideas

Traveling as a tourist is such an interesting thing to do. The question that currently rings in mind is where next post-pandemic? It is such a fascinating moment in the world with the restrictions loosening up and touristic destinations opening up. This article will give you general travel ideas and three destinations to add to your wishlist. They include;

Safe and healthy travel

The first thing you must consider when traveling currently is how to do it safely and healthily. Despite the boost through inoculations, you must not lower down your guard. When traveling, enjoy your vacation while being careful with your health. Also, you must take precautions like carrying medicines with you if fall sick.

Plan a budget for every travel expense

Ensure to make prior budgeted arrangements on accommodation and other expenses. Always ensure to have extra money due to changes in regulations, abrupt fluctuations in prices, and to avoid embarrassments. The extra money will also help you out in case you overspend.

Be disciplined when traveling

Be a good guest. From my experience, it is more fun observing etiquette in all your travel destinations. You never go wrong with courtesy.

Make unforgettable memories.

Create good memories from your trip. It is time to loosen up, so do not forget to take your best camera with you. Another thing that you shouldn’t lack is a camera charger in your backpack. That is in case your camera runs out of battery. That way, you will continue taking more pictures along the way.

Try out varieties of food.

Explore new culinary that might pique your interest. When traveling, ensure that you only eat what your body can take. It will help keep you out of stomach issues. But then again sampling different food that you have never eaten wouldn’t be bad.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, it gives you the most alluring three places to visit in 2021.

Bhutan Museum

Bhutan is one of the best destinations offering sustainable tourism. After a lack of travel in the last year, you need a guide to take care of logistical arrangements. Bhutan serves you that on a hot plate so I invite you to explore the idea. Cairo, Egypt. The Grand Egyptian Museum will give you a modern look at Egypt’s past. ( With discoveries in Luxor and Saqqara, you will spend a full day or more taking in all the exhibits.

The Canary Islands

These islands will entice you with a fresh European getaway. With affordable vacation rentals, you can access a private beach. ( Tenerife, one of the Islands, will give you varied landscapes ranging from volcano to coastline to forests. You are more likely to love your stay in the islands.


In general, visit Bhutan, Cairo, and the Canary Islands on a budget and safely. ( Always have the extra money in your pocket to be on the safe side when travelling. And ensure to take more photos to look at when you are back home. Lastly, always take your courtesy with you.