Travel and Vacations

Traveling is part of our daily lives. Travelling can be fun but if you have not prepared well, you will face challenges. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your travel especially if you are driving long distances.

Make sure you’ve checked your car
You should give your car a complete checkup. Check the fluids (transmission, brake, oil, and wiper), treads, and tire pressure. Check if your car tires are in good condition. If the wiper blades are leaving streaks or making some noise, get new ones immediately before hitting the road. You wouldn’t want to realize that your wiper is not working while you are on the road and it is raining. Also, ensure that your first aid kit is well stocked. Make sure you have a roadside service number saved on your cellphone in case of an emergency.

Plan your route
Make sure that you’ve planned your route well. You need to have a spot where you can stop, refill the gas, take a break, stretch out and maybe have lunch. If you are on a long trip, make sure you get a break after driving for two hours continuously. It is good for your body and it will help you become a more alert driver.

Set up the driver’s seat
You need to adjust the seat height in a way that your hips are in a position that is slightly higher than your knees. In case you have bucket seats, you can place a rolled towel or cushion behind your back to enhance your comfort while driving. Make sure that you are close to the steering wheel so that you are able to grip it without locking your elbows. Once you are fully comfortable, you need to adjust your mirrors in a way that you are able to see out of them without craning your neck at all.